Bit-tech: Grand Theft Auto IV PC Review

Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game once you get into it, of course. The open-world, the awesome soundtrack and the total free-reign to cause carnage and experiment with the game world make this a really impressive game. The PC version also brings across and opens up the chance for players to create their own stories and thrilling police chases, which is something Bit-tech loves.

That said, while the game itself is great, the PC version of GTA IV isn't the definitive one that players should be looking to get intimate with. It's playable and fun and just what you would want from a Grand Theft Auto game, but it doesn't outperform the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions and frankly feels like more of a token gesture than a sincere effort to make the most of what the PC could bring to the game.

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Marcello3694d ago

Excellent review, i totally agree with em, the PC version is a joke compared to wat it should have been. Its no wonder ppl are asking for there money back.

mersenne3693d ago

this is the actual condition of the game right now.

all the games that came out multi paltform like Fallout 3 , FC2 , Grid etc has performed best on the pc.

even on the console gta 4 suffer sometimes from crashes and freezes.

this goes without saying rockstar is a terrible developer on the technical side.