WWE 2K22 Trailer Officially Revealed At WrestleMania 37

It’s WrestleMania 37 weekend and 2K Games has finally officially announced it will release WWE 2K22 in the near future.

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Antnee53434d ago

Need to see more than that and quicker than before and I already write this off as the same piece of shit that was released as broken trash 2 years ago.

Terry_B34d ago

Like the people screamed / chanted often enough at WWE live events in the last 10 years.. "same old shit"

Father Murder X33d ago

Same ol crap new year!!. They are just releasing 2K21 a year later.

XxSPIDEYxX33d ago

Crazy that all you have to do is show people shiny graphics to get them excited. They have soo much to prove, especially with this trainwreck of a series.

gamer780433d ago

They need to overhaul the whole game, wrestling games were a joy to play back in the day , this 2k series is just a technically sloppy and over complicated fighting system.

Chocoburger33d ago

AKI N64 and early Smackdown! Yukes games still hold up great to this day! People who plan on buying this new turd should play those games instead. Easy to emulate, fun to play, and amazing with other players.

Lennoxb6333d ago

Well, graphics are a large part of what sells games. Not saying thats an excuse.

Knightofelemia33d ago

Same shit different year maybe some new wrestlers to add to the roster and some new costumes but it's the same shit like any other sports game.

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The story is too old to be commented.