Hitman studio IO says it received ‘really attractive’ acquisition offers

VGC : One suitor was interested in making Hitman free-to-play following IO's split from Square Enix.

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cbuc112536d ago

This has MS' stink all over it.

DEEHULK8836d ago

Your Office apps have Microsoft stink as well

Christopher36d ago

The almost total control MS has in office products has led to subscription-based systems that removes features or splits them out to new products that cost more to utilize. Same issue with Google, Apple, and Adobe.

This is not something we want to happen to gaming. That leads to only paying more and more for the same and even more for advancing gaming. We need competition at an equal level to insure no one gains too much power to control the market the way others have.

Tiqila36d ago

Mine don't. They are free

badz14936d ago


yeah and it stinks very much what Office has become now. so anti-consumer with the subscription model

Atom66636d ago

Weird...I bought my Office key.

bouzebbal36d ago

Sounds like Acti or EA to me.

JustTheFax36d ago

@Atom666 haha same. I paid $12 for it and $3 for a windows 10 key.

someone7236d ago

Office is a great value, and what features are you talking about?

I have an office account via work and a second one for personal use. Its dirt cheap and damn near essential for anyone in any form of business.

You can use the alternatives, but they all fall short for power users.

For the average school kid or mom running some simple work from home business, the free version of office will suffice.(or google sheets)

Its really just about options. Now visio, that’s overpriced and sadly by far the best tool for its function.

35d ago
Christopher35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

1. Only way you can get a key in the U.S. that I'm aware of is third-party key sites for non-US keys or student keys that they are required to have for education purposes that nets them tax breaks. Subs are what's given on new PC purchases and are the mass majority of sales. Especially for the business sectors, which is the mass majority of their profits here.

2. Tons of features that were outside of office have been shunted off to Office Apps (My People and OneSync now require Outlook and allow Microsoft to heavily datamine your info and your contacts list for example).

3. If you think this is just about Word, Excel, and Outlook, you need to be a person who actually has a job built around their services. SharePoint has been stripping things out and making tons of fun for developers to utilize in businesses and they're dropped support for tons of apps they build to "integrate" but leave it at just that. Furthermore, Google buys up messaging apps and drops them. Apple buys up things just to limit them to their OS. All of these purchases remove apps from the third-party domain that allows peope to work freely in many environments.

4. These purchases and limitations to a company's own environment are not consumer friendly. Consumer friendly is not to limit how you can access a feature when it used to be broadly available and have open infrastractures for integration across various OS. These companies buy up companies primarily to control the IP behind them and strengthen their own portfolio as well as limit them to such a thing. None of you are addressing this for Microsoft, but, heck, EGS buys up a game to just their platform and suddenly they're hurting the gaming community. Hypocrisy.

5. I stand 100% by my point. Keeping power equal and not allowing gaming-parallel business elements swallow up more to limit access to how they determine isn't good for the gaming community. And I guarantee none of this is new to you. I'm certain you complain regularly about one company or another doing the exact same thing, but let's let this one go because it's a game company you currently support over another. Yet, I'm the fanboy for saying they should be equal in power. Amazing logic.

Atom66635d ago

Those 3rd party sites are a much better deal, but shaky on the legality.

You could always go through MS though.

My work doesn't use 365 either.

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Rude-ro36d ago

It says free to play... that has no Microsoft written on it 😂😂
Although the gamepass fans keep thinking the subscription gives free games 🤷🏻‍♀️

Father__Merrin36d ago

It's not free games you pay for access for how many you play per month. A bottomless Pepsi at pizza hut sounds nice but your only likely have 1 or 2 refills

DEEHULK8836d ago

Everyone knows you pay for access just like any other subscription service. Seems like others think that like Gameinformer, iGN and any other pro Playstation sites.
Just like the games on Gamepass, you can still buy office. God people on this so out of the loop that it isn't funny. Thinking that Gamepass games and office apps are ONLY subscription tied these services. Freaking hilarious how much research people DON'T do.


I'm a gamepass fan yet I understand that I pay a subscription to access it so who are these people you speak of?

AngelicIceDiamond36d ago

Who said it's free?

A Subscription you pay a monthly fee for nothing's free. It may feel "free" because a game like Outriders that's 60$ is on their day one for a 10$ subscription.

TheRealHeisenberg36d ago


I was going to respond to let you know how stupid your comment is but I decided not to...Oh wait.

DJStotty35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


"Although the gamepass fans keep thinking the subscription gives free games"

And indeed it does when you use your rewards points to renew the subscription.

35d ago
Rude-ro35d ago

Just because YOU may have never said..

“because it’s free on game pass”

^ I have seen this so many times it is beyond comical.
The above was just a few days ago and it is in every gamepass comment section.

Try reading everyone’s comments instead ones you want to argue with.

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NeoGamer23236d ago

I am not sure how that has MS stink on it.

One model suggested was F2P. MS does not do any F2P console/PC games.

Another model suggested getting rid of devts for analysts. But, in the MS take overs lately the studios have all expanded without lay-offs.

35d ago
TheEroica36d ago

Git Er done Microsoft! Makin that xsx more sexy every day.

someone7236d ago

I hope ms does acquire them. Would be good for io and gamepass.

Sayai jin36d ago

You mean business. Don't you people ever get tired of this.

35d ago
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XiNatsuDragnel36d ago

Microsoft would love this company

LucasRuinedChildhood36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Thankfully, they didn't take any of those offers and have to compromise their vision.

Firing developers to hire analysts to "optimise future content"? That would have been a colossal waste. Analysts serve a purpose but being forced to follow trends that are the opposite of what your game fundamentally is is the reason that Hitman: Absolution exists.

Free-to-play Hitman also would have annoyed fans, while Hitman 3 has been both a big commercial and critical success.

Double_O_Revan36d ago

Seriously. They spent all that time under Square to finally get out and be able to self publish. I really hope they wouldn't be dumb enough to fall under another company so soon.

Anghellic36d ago

just try to make games that are more than 5 hours long, thanks

TheLordOfStuff36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You really don't understand how hitman is supposed to be experienced lol

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P_Bomb36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Wait what? Hitman games are the poster child for replayability.

You get deep SP maps, Escalations, featured contracts, elusive targets, user generated content, forward and backward compatibility.

Axecution36d ago

Each level is a huge open world to explore and find new ways to complete objectives. You can run in and just shoot the two targets while save scumming your way through and then move on to the next level and plow through the game extremely quick but that's reeeeeally not what you're supposed to do and your score at the end'll reflect that lol

P_Bomb36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Throw in the sniper assassin challenges (love Himmelstein), VR, seasonal events like the Easter egg hunt or Home Alone spoof.

Go for Mastery 20 with full execution opportunities and it sings. Getting SO/SA by sniping guys into bushes or water lol. True sandbox.

Double_O_Revan36d ago

I spent 5 hours on the first level alone. You're not playing the game correctly.

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