Xbox Celebrates Bethesda Acquisition With “One-of-a-Kind Portraits”

Microsoft has certainly been keeping the news of the acquisition of Bethesda close to forefront of the audience’s thoughts, and apparently, they aren’t done.

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FlavorLav0127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Haha, I dig the Step-brother mash-up art used as symbolism for these teams “joining up”

Obscure_Observer27d ago

Maybe my dream of a Halo/Doom crossover will finally become reality!


Sonic-and-Crash27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

there s alot of buzz about Sony restricting creativity in favor of bigger games having available games like Bugsnax at launch...)

Also Xbox : Green faceless soldiers x2

RaidenBlack27d ago

Honestly I don't want an extensive crossover.
Maybe something like Gears 5 with Spartans for multiplayer? And draw a line there.
And maybe a Halo future spinoff title made using id-Tech 7 or 8.

TheProblem27d ago

The Microsoft cringe just never ends

Sayai jin27d ago

Cringe? You mean celebrating and advertising their huge acquisition.

CrimsonWing6927d ago

Awww c’mon it’s all n’ good fun. Lighten up!

King_Noctis27d ago

Your user name suits you well.

27d ago
ScootaKuH26d ago

Well, they have no games but they have portraits. Yay?

chiefJohn11726d ago

If I seen 2 powerhouses team up and dominate my favorite platform I'd cringe too lol

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aragon27d ago

Is it in reference to Bethesda and obsidian? Fallout rivalry

Ryuk_200727d ago

M$: Did we just become bestfriends?!
Bethesda: YUP!!

darthv7227d ago

And there is so much room for activities

Eidolon26d ago

Disagrees are people who haven't seen or didn't like Step Brothers 🤷‍♂️. Or they are very serious about acquisitions. hmmmmm

monkey60227d ago

And my mind just flooded full of Step Brothers quotes. I love that movie so much

knightedHollow27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Somehow I pictured the the spots switched. Halo sitting and Doom standing over...we all know the doom guy would destroy chief since he is clearly the tougher of the two.

One has award winning games and the other is somewhat irrelevant at this point due to bad sequels.

franwex27d ago

I’m sure that portrait was meant as a joke, bro.

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knightedHollow27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Just here for the shits and giggles bro.

@cheifjohn below has a good summary on why he thinks chief is tougher.

I dont know why i got disagrees...was hoping to see who people thought would win in a fight. I personally think the chainsaw would just rip cheif apart...that or one of doom guys punches.

chiefJohn11727d ago

Chief is much tougher and has survived much tougher experiences and Halo is the better game

Lore27d ago

You obviously have not played and finished the entirety of all the entries in both franchises

chiefJohn11727d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The Flood alone is tougher and more mental insanity than anything the doom guy has fought. Chief was in a grave mind hive nearly eaten by the MF. Has watch his team become the most vile thing in the universe. has survive falling from space.
Has barely escaped 2-3 planets exploding
Has be in cryotube for a huge portion of his life and treated like a robot. Was kidnapped as a child and gone thru cruel training and experiments to become a super solider.
Doom guy fought some demons no worse than the

Halo is held as the best FPS MP around. Has a much better story and Lore than Doom and waaay more content. Halos worse MP game was still arguably better or as good as any other fps mp at the time. Halo set the bar so high its competing with itself. A game like Halo 4 (great game) is considered bad by Halo standards.

chiefJohn11727d ago

My damn profile is named ChiefJohn 117 and he tells me i must haven't finish the games 🤣 lmao

Sciurus_vulgaris27d ago

I would say the Doom Slayer is stronger than Master Chief. However, the Slayer’s powers are tied to argent energy. Without argent energy the slayer is de-powered.

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chiefJohn11727d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Chainsaw? Chief deals with 10 foot aliens with energy swords and you think a chain saw is stopping chief? Could it even get thru his energy shield and armor? Chief would take an inceration cannon and dust doom guy away with the wind

knightedHollow27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Um BFG says hello.
Chainsaw is just a one hit kill thats pretty cool and gruesome...have you even played doom recently?

chiefJohn11726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

It'd a 1 hit kill on armorless demons. Chief has on a super suit with an energy shield that can eat a shot from a sniper with 0 damage. A chainsaw can not 1 hit kill Chief. Anyone that has played or know Halo will tell you this.

Energy sword> chainsaw if those to got into a battle the energy sword would slice thru that chainsaw with ease. You comparing 2552 technology weapons to 18th century tech and saying the mechanical weapons of the 1800-1900s would beat year 2500 weapons 🤣

Chief got jetpack, invisibility, quadruple layer forms of shielding (bubble shield, overshield, energy shield, armor) multiple 1 hit kill weapons and Hella experiences doom guy ain't touching chiefs. Since you wanna go what you do on the NPC then Chiefs punches and knife alone are 1 hit kills

TheOptimist26d ago

I also imagined the same since Doom is the forefather (technically big brother) of FPSs and I would still take any Doom game (except 3) over any Halo game.

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FanboysKiller27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Mixing them is like mixing with Vin Diesel and Clint Eastwood , bad chemistry.

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