The “GamesMaster: The Oral History” book is now fully funded on Kickstarter

""Read-only Memory", Publisher of beautiful books on videogames, has today announced with great joy and excitement that the "GamesMaster: The Oral History" book (a book which charts the highs and lows of Channel 4’s iconic and anarchic UK videogames entertainment show) is now fully funded on Kickstarter." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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giveyerheadawobble34d ago

For anyone not born, or anyone living outside of the broadcast range this show aired on, you just don't have a clue on just how monumentally important and amazing this show was. It wasn't just a TV show, it was a statement. It tore up the rule book for what was supposed to be a tame kiddies TV show for video games at the time and didn't apologise for it. And all thanks to in no small part for it's host, Dominik Diamond. In hindsight, some of the jokes him and his co-presenters came out with would never be acceptable in this day and age, and it's amazing he even got away with them back then, but again, that's just another checkbox plus in merit for this show before the consumable, sanitised media of the internet came along and gobbled up everything in its path, never to be heard of again. This show, for me, epitomised what gaming in the 90's was all about. The golden period. The anarciac experimental days that set the bar and hasn't been touched since, and will most likely never be repeated again...ever. If you weren't there, and you weren't looking forward each week to this show, you won't understand.

DJStotty34d ago

I used to wait in earnest for this show, especially to see if there was a cheat for one of my owned games.