Wii component that tested positive for toxic chemical may be an aftermarket component

From AP:

"An environmental group that put out a list of chemical-laden toys is reevaluating one component of the Nintendo Wii which tested positive for bromine, the group said Thursday., a project of Michigan-based nonprofit The Ecology Center in collaboration with other environmental groups, tested about 1,500 toys for a variety of chemicals, including lead, arsenic, cadmium and others. Results of the test were released Wednesday.

One of the toys that tested positive for bromine was the Nintendo Wii. But Thursday, the group said it is reevaluating one of the components on the Wii in order to determine whether the part - the battery cover on a controller that tested positive for bromine - is an aftermarket component, i.e., something that doesn't come with the original game system.

"Pending resolution we may or may not repost the results," said Jeff Gearhart, research director.

Final results should be ready in about a week, Gearhart said."

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UltimateIdiot9113699d ago

The lesson is never trust fishy third party products.

Shnazzyone3699d ago

WTF... They are releasing the report when they have no idea weather the battery cover is or isn't third party. They too cheap to buy a wiimote and test the cover before releasing a toxic toy warning for the wii?