Age of Empires IV wants to appeal to both casual and hardcore players

Coming off three well-received Age of Empires: Definitive Edition remakes, the iconic series has more momentum behind it than it arguably ever has.

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Jin_Sakai29d ago

How about appealing to console players.

Sciurus_vulgaris29d ago

A potential console port with keyboard and mouse support. Complex RTS games simply aren’t feasible without a keyboard and mouse.

Jin_Sakai29d ago

Halo Wars worked fine with a controller. I’m sure they could simplify the commands to work with a controller. Regardless, kb&m will always the the best experience for RTS games.

Vegamyster28d ago

Halo Wars was built with a controller in mind and was pretty streamlined RTS experience, the Age of Empire games were always more on the complicated side with the PC audience in mind, it would take a lot of simplification to work with a controller well.

TheColbertinator28d ago


Nailed every point.

annoyedgamer29d ago

Just get a PC. Consoles are a dying breed

XbladeTeddy29d ago

Maybe they want to just concentrate on PC players right now? Not everything has to about catering to everyone.

anast29d ago

I'm a console gamer, but I prefer to play my strategy stuff on PC. There a more options, settings and mods on PC. This is good for strategy games, it's almost necessary.

29d ago
HellspawnPR198128d ago

Halo Wars was built from the ground up for console, not ported. HUGE difference.

King_Noctis28d ago

It is possible that this might come to console eventually just like Flight Simulator. However, this one might take a while.

pat_11_527d ago

They sort of hinted that the game could come to Xbox at some point.

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NotanotherReboot29d ago

name a PlayStation RTS game that can compete with this.. I'll wait

Adisoftcafe28d ago

This is not a console game. Stop this console war nonsense!

RedDevils28d ago

Calm down kid. Come back here when you start playing rts games first. Oh btw get a PC to gaming it on too.

Wrex36928d ago

Land the game on PC solidly first, then and only then can you begin to develop the console version. The roots are on PC, get that right and secure it there. Then you'll have room to move.

Cunnra28d ago

Age of empires 3 Definitive edition... the game that decides the word “Colonial” was too offensive for a game entirely based on Colonization.

Also why rename the Native American civs to their indigenous names, but still just refer to China/Japan/India/Russia/etc. Just comes of as patronising.