Nintendo says it will focus on more original game series in the future

Furukawa says the company intends to create new IP, in addition to supporting the likes of Mario.

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Eidolon32d ago

Fox Legend of Pokemario: Donkirby's Metroland

ManMarmalade32d ago

Featuring sonichu from the crying devil saga

SenorFartCushion32d ago

This might not be a good thing. Original is original but it’s not like every Mario game is the same, and I’m only talking about the platformers. Mario Kart, soccer, tennis, golf, paper Mario. They innovate with their established characters. This might lead Nintendo into trying to make crappy live service games.

Army_of_Darkness31d ago

You do realize Nintendo can make live service games with their established characters too right? In which case I'm sure most niny fans would flock to regardless.

SenorFartCushion31d ago

Yeah, obviously. But the backlash from making a Mario live service game on consoles World be deafening cmpared to the publishing something like Ninjala 2.

Snookies1232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

You know you can spread the love to your other IPs too, instead of Mario 64 (I don't mean the Nintendo 64 game, I mean their literal 64th Mario game lol.) Is Metroid Prime 4 cancelled yet? We have heard absolutely nothing on it. Nothing from F-Zero either. I swear, this company has such an inflated ego. They simply refuse to listen to their fans.

Whoseverleaf32d ago

Couldn't agree more about the ego comment it's actually incredible how much they haven't listened to their core fans that have kept them afloat all these years. And not even a peep about Metroid Prime 4 is just ridiculous at this point

--Onilink--32d ago

They restarted development completely on Prime 4 just about 2 years ago. If we had gotten anything before 2021 it would have probably been just another cgi trailer.

I do expect them to show it this year though.

F Zero...thats another story, it definitely looks very forgotten

FortWaba31d ago

F-Zero hurts, man. GX was *amazing*.

kneon31d ago

64? I think you have greatly misunderestimated that number :)

CBaoth31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Christ, I thought the milking of Mario was bad. Never imagined they've been shoehorning him in games THAT much! What is it like 5 games a year since '91? Meanwhile I've given up hope of ever getting a new F-Zero or Fatal Frame. Wouldn't shock me if Metroid and Bayonetta 3 release on the Switch Too for that matter. Think I'm gonna petition Sony for Bowling with Kratos.

Sirk7x31d ago

Thost are both great series, but no one buys them. If they were big sellers, Nintendo would be pumping out Metroid and F-Zero titles like Mario. The ROI for what Metroid Prime 4 (which will definitely be a much more expensive development) will bring compared to Animal Crossing is probably laughable

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-Foxtrot32d ago

The funny thing is they have Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, Kid Icurus, Wario, Pikman, Chibi-Robo that don't get enough love and games like Yoshi, Kirby and Donkey Kong only get cute side scrollers, no full on 3D games. I would love a good 3D Yoshi or Kirby game.

It's not just about creating new IPs it's also cycling through more than Mario, Zelda, Pokemon in your own catalogue.

RosweeSon32d ago

Yeah switch needs a Wario ware, would love a new F-Zero or excite bike or both. Pilotwings would be cool like you say they have a vast catalogue but tend to stick with the big hitters. I’d take a new kid Icarus also but not a massive seller for them and think that’s the problem mario Zelda Pokemon’s are easy 10-15 million mario kart and animal crossing have done double that then Luigis mansion 3 was around 5-6 million last I heard all the ones you are I mentioned would be 2-5 millions probably not enough for them 🤣 they should do tho got plenty of switches out there now so sure some of those series would still do respectable numbers and more importantly make em money not like would need to invest that heavily on a new wave race or whatever 😜✌🏻

Scissorman8232d ago

Don't forget Startropics. :)

septemberindecember31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

"It's not just about creating new IPs it's also cycling through more than Mario, Zelda, Pokemon in your own catalogue."

You mean like Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Arms, Xenoblade, Kirby, Yoshi, and Fire Emblem which have all had Switch releases? Metroid, Arms, Astral Chain...

They definitely do more than just cycling through Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon.

-Foxtrot31d ago

Animal Crossing comes out every so often

Splatoon, we’re only getting the third game now

Xenoblade / Arms are there but Nintendo does nothing to really boost their awareness

And I already mentioned Kirby and Yoshi

By the time you get from one Animal Crossing game to the other, a dozen Mario or Pokemon titles have released

septemberindecember31d ago


"Splatoon, we're only getting the third game now"
-Because the first game came out in many games would you like between now and then? If we were on Splatoon 5 you would be complaining that all we get is Splatoon lol.

"but Nintendo does nothing to really boost their awareness"
-Remastering the first game, heavily advertising the second game, and including Pyra and MinMin in Smash aren't trying to increase awareness?

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