The Sega Astro City mini console (which offers 37 built-in games) is now available for pre-order

"SEGA are today very happy and proud to announce that the Astro City mini console (which offers 37 classic built-in SEGA games) is now available for pre-order via selected retailers." - Jonas EK, TGG.

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ScootaKuH27d ago

I don't know what to think of this. Kind of has a Neo Geo Mini vibe. Even the price is similar

TGG_overlord27d ago

I'm going to try it out first before I say anything more about the said matter...

Neonridr27d ago

these things are complete novelty. The sort of thing you buy and try once then it sits on your shelf.


Agreed. I finally received the Neo Geo Mini for Xmas last year after screaming all year that I wanted one. I tried it out once then put it away with the rest of my mini consoles (especially when I found out it has to stay plugged in to use).

darthv7227d ago

So is it being localized or just simply imported and flipped by UK retailers? This has been JP only and LRG imported a bunch and is flipping them for a slight markup. But they are still JP units.

I imported one from Amazon a couple months ago. Cool little novelty.