Once Patched: Outriders Is A Fun And Engaging Adventure - Skewed 'n Reviewed

In their review for the new game; Skewed and Reviewed stated that despite some serious issues at launch; once patched the game is a very fun and enjoyable adventure with plenty of action and future potential.

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Garethvk29d ago

Many were review bombing over the issues. As I noted; I mentioned the multiple issues and said that since the patch they have been largely corrected which allowed me to complete the game and based on that I think the score is fair as it is lots of fun and engaging if you like this type of game since the issues are largely fixed.

--Onilink--29d ago

You keep bringing up the steam score in basically every article like its supposed to mean something important...

Not only that, you dont even talk about any specifics, so I guess you havent even played the game.

By that same notion, I guess Horizon Zero Dawn is just a 79% game because thats the user score it has on steam, nothing else is relevant but that %

dolfa29d ago

I wouldnt buy generic rpg shooter with bullet sponge mechanics lol

--Onilink--29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

So basically you are complaining and constantly talking about a game you have never played using nothing more than a random from one site, because you literally have nothing meaningful to add to the conversation.

Thats...quite sad


I don't get why you go to all of the articles and comment ignorant shit. Just don't buy or play the game. It's getting review bombed because of the glitches deleting people's inventories. It's hardly a perfect game, but why do you have to try to make people feel bad for having fun with it? If you were playing so many great and superior games, you wouldn't be spending so much time on here bitching would you?

Vegamyster28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The review score was under 50% on launch day, as the issues have been fixed the score keeps rising, never mind there is over 87k concurrent players online right now.

TheRealTedCruz28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The second it was announced for gamepass the hate many on this site had for the game ramped up.
It's not perfect, had issues, but there's people who can't accept it seems to be doing well all the same.

Aquafiniac28d ago


Lmao there it is ladies and gentlemen. The tin foil Xbox conspiracist. If I recall it was always mix just how it is now.
Literally several people called it generic.
Matter of fact more Xbox fanboys started praising the moment it went on game pass. Makes us real Xbox gamer look bad.

TheRealTedCruz28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Nah. Just people who openly enjoyed the demo, and those who accepted the reviews for what they were.

Still haven't bought an Xbox since the 360 era, and have only played on PC and Playstation since, but believe what you will.
Arguing with people on this site has gotten old.

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justadelusion29d ago

being really generous with that score

Garethvk29d ago

Play it while patched. It is lots of fun and there is little people can gripe about regarding issues.

PrimeGam3r28d ago

You mad at someone enjoying the game?

27d ago
--Onilink--29d ago

Feels like an appropriate score, after finishing but not having started the expeditions yet, I would put it somewhere between a 7.5 and an 8, because of the jankyness of some stuff, the bugs and the overall repetitiveness.

However its one of those high 7s game that is still just very enjoyable to play, even more so than games I would technically give a higher score based on objective terms.

And its also very applaudable the sheer amount of content added without any intention of turning into a live service model. A lot of side missions feel like they could have been part of the story, though again, some variety in the encounters would go along way to increasing the replayability (as much as I enjoyed it, I would never consider doing it again with a different class)

iNcRiMiNaTi28d ago

I'm not a fan of the aimbot snipers and boss attacks but it's been enjoyable for the most part. Some kind of pvp would've made helped with the game's longevity though because once you reach ct15 there isn't really much else to do

--Onilink--28d ago

Yeah, there are definitely a lot of small things that are annoying or lacking polish (this game probably has the worst map markers I have ever seen, half the time they continue to point to old stuff.

The thing about after CT15 / Expeditions is that I feel its more about people’s expectations based on other games rather than what has been explicitly said by PCF.

For example I can beat Spiderman or Ghost of Tsushima and wont really expect to do anything else after beating it unless I had pending side stuff. This game, despite being a looter/shooter is exactly like that. You beat it, do the extra stuff and then move on (until an expansion or sequel comes along), nothing wrong with that

svoulis28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

So a game that had a horrible launch, a patch that NERFS builds week 1, and now with the patch even more people losing all their inventory is an 8? Honestly? People are still crashing non stop, can't sign in, and the only information PCF have regarding the inventory situation is that they are WORKING on something, and the gear you get isn't even going to be the gear you had in the first place. But yeah, an 8/10.

2021 is hitting different

Garethvk28d ago

I have checked with over a dozen gamers and not one has had a crash, server issue, or problem on PC post patch.

svoulis28d ago

Did you happen to check forms and twitter, its literally all over the place...but okay..

svoulis28d ago

Also, Let me ask you this. As a game review site, don't you want to be taken somewhat seriously? I mean I know reviews are completely subjective to the players experience, but as a video game site, wouldn't you want to INFORM the public about the horrible issues this game is plagued with? If you were to lose 60+ hours on a character and be fine with it thats fine, but to basically score a broken game an 4/5 or 8/10 is like saying the game is near perfect. When in fact it is not. Honestly that's pretty shit for integrity. If people use your source for possible purchases, isn't it kind of lying to tell them this game is an 8/10 in its current state? Doesn't mean it can't get better but I always thought the initial impression of a game was the most important one.

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Tedakin28d ago

The gameplay and upgrading is awesome. The graphics are amazing too. The crashes though, never had a game crash this much. Hopefully fixed today.