Disco Elysium: A word on Playstation patches, bröther

Disco Elysium official site: "Patch 1.3 is being worked on right now. We don’t have a launch date, but we wanted to tell you it’s coming, and tell you what y’all could expect."

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33d ago
Abear2133d ago

Let me know when it’s safe to play. Per usual, better off waiting for a sale and patches. Sad.

Taero33d ago

Same, hadn't heard of it then heard great things and planned to buy it, THEN saw the thread about all the progression bugs, lack of spoken dialogue etc. and thought 'nah I'll just wait on this one', shame as I'm really looking for things to play right now.

zacfoldor33d ago

I'm pre-loaded on PS5, waiting on patch 1.3 to start.

jznrpg33d ago

I’ll get this when it’s fixed . I will get physical of course !