Outriders review - an enjoyable if flawed grind through the gears | Eurogamer

After a disastrous launch People Can Fly's third-person sci-fi adventure emerges as a smart if familiar shooter.

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waverider38d ago

it doesnt seem 60 frames. Sometimes it seems very slow. And i hate when i get stuck on wall, or he doesnt jump something. I think the gameplay still needs a lot work. Also sometimes to connect...... The formula is alwaye the same, misson, human boss, animal boss.

Hellcat202038d ago

But still fun as hell to play even though it's a old formula/genre

waverider38d ago

For me it cool the amount of loot. It got tons

dolfa38d ago Show
37d ago
Frodosmugins37d ago

This game seems as if it's some sort of experiment on gamers.