North America: PlayStation Store Update 12/4

Here is your weekly PS Store update for the United States, including the free episode of Qore, demos, tons of themes and more.

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UNCyrus3696d ago

Can't wait to play the flock demo... and check out what's in the Qore, nice update Sony!

iHEARTboobs3696d ago

Lingerie Girls Theme ($1.49)?? haha

UNCyrus3696d ago

I saw that on the blog page, and just had to go to in on the PS store to see what it was... made me chuckle a little bit..

MAiKU3696d ago

Very amazing update, especially for the psp.

-Super Stardust portable

-Every Day Shooter portable

mikeslemonade3696d ago

Who still plays PSP? The system is for kids and is bad for your eyes.

And dammit I payed for Qore. You freeloaders should not get the free episode as far as I'm concerned. Veronica Bellmont is premium level content.

MAiKU3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Because normally a kid would blatantly go on the internet and try to bash people in order to gain some sort of self pitied enjoyment for no reason at all, those kids are really sad... trying so hard to make themselves feel smart and mature. *sigh* they have my pity, they truly do.

But i'm not the one doing that am I? hee hee.

See what i did there?

There are hundreds of games out there that are not for, or not just for, kids. Such as the final fantasy titles, midnight club, oh and there's the grand theft auto game. Should i name more?

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Blink_443696d ago

Naked brothers band DLC?

Are you fu*king kidding me?!

f7897903696d ago

Because we will be able to watch them go down in flames after they find out nobody likes them once they've grown up. Always entertaining.

Gambit073696d ago

I might need to Himmel my ssturmer tonight.

Shaka2K63696d ago

Turns off Sony VAIO and get ready to check my Sony PS Store always full of surprises thats why i love Sony!

pp3696d ago

Yeah more flops to download.

DreamcastFanboy3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )


digger183696d ago

Oh look, its wanker boy PP again!!!

UNCyrus3696d ago

sweet... another person for my ignore list...

SWANN3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Man, your a straight azzhole. For a person who hates Sony so much, you always have to post your no-brain comments on the news posts. I guess you got kicked out of the 360 forums again, huh? You remind me of the last piece of dogshyt I ever stepped into: your comments stink like hell & you are just hard to clean off my shoes, Mr. little pp, man.

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The story is too old to be commented.