Enlisted gameplay preview: is it a Battlefield killer? | TSA

While World War II shooters have never truly fallen out of fashion, we’ve seen a resurgence in recent years. Compared to the tight tactical skirmishes of more modern day FPS titles like Rainbow Six Siege and Modern Warfare, we’ve seen historic shooters swing in the opposite direction. Enlisted prides itself on huge battles that attempt to capture the vast scale of real-life campaigns fought between the Axis and Allies during the Second World War. As Enlisted enters open beta on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, we thought we’d dive in for a preview.

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isarai29d ago

Actually seems to be sticking to it's claim of authenticity, unlike bf.

DarthMarvin28d ago

Yeah, I agree. It doesn't have any redeeming qualities. It plays alright, but maps turn pretty tedious relatively quickly.

frostypants28d ago

It "has no redeeming qualities" but "it plays alright"...wut?

DarthMarvin28d ago

Plays alright - 5/10
No redeeming qualities - 5/10

It isn't difficult to understand. They both imply average.

InUrFoxHole27d ago

I felt like I was playing an old game. Like the beginning of ps3/360 days