TimeSplitters 2 Port Finally Unlocked in Homefront: The Revolution

A secret Timesplitters 2 port was hidden in Homefront: The Revolution and a team of people have finally worked out how to unlock it.

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The-Matrix-has-you31d ago

Cant wait to get home to try it out!!

jamesclark199131d ago

It was only a matter of time. Fuckin' amazing!

BlackDoomAx30d ago

Damn, I got to buy that game to play timesplitters 2 now xd

SickSinceSix30d ago

Still have my PS2 copy, and a multi-tap with my PS2 for 4 player split-screen.

"Unfortunately, there's no info on how these codes might work on the PC version of the game, although it wouldn't be surprising for someone to figure it out in the near future." I wonder if the same codes would work if you plugged a controller to the PC.