EA Explains Why Wii Car Absent From NASCAR Kart Racing

The Wiire spoke with EA Publicist, Julie Michel, and asked why as the Wii's only NASCAR game, Greg Biffle's #16 Wii car is not featured on the games box art or as a playable driver in the game.

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ScottBarkman5177d ago

I guess it sounds logical enough... download-able content much? hah... ya... that was a joke.... *sad face*

IanCube5177d ago

Just seems weird that they'd not add it in, even as an unlockable or something.

IanCube5177d ago

Yeah it really does seem like a lost opportunity for a great tie-in, doesn't it?

bmb51505177d ago

Call me whatever for knowing this, but Greg Biffle wasn't sponsored by the Nintendo Wii this year. That pic and sponsorship was from 2007. I wouldn't be surprised if the mystery driver was either a legendary driver like Richard Petty or a fictional driver put into that paint scheme and sponsorship but with a different number.

indiemike5177d ago

But not even as a driver? That just doesn't make sense to me. Then again, a lot of licensing things don't make sense to me, like the NFL's exclusivity with the Madden series. That just drives me nuts.

IanCube5177d ago

Her response to sounds like she tried to get it, but timing didn't work out.

Shaka2K65177d ago

Suck on it stupid kidtendo slaves!

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