Resident Evil Village Map and Mother Miranda Art Revealed

IGN: "Considering the game’s title, it might not come as a surprise that portraying a village with a real sense of place was one of the main goals for Resident Evil Village’s developers. Today, IGN can exclusively reveal the game’s map, which teases a wide array of locations within the village for the first time."

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Thundercat7730d ago

Very exited to play this game. I need the Pulse 3D asap.

whitbyfox29d ago

Pulse 3D is crap and uncomfortable get the Arctis 7P made for PS5 the best you can get.

Sonyslave329d ago

Preach I'm mad as he'll I drop 99$ n these bad boys hurt my ears can't keep them on for long play through.

Sound quality I think is good, these my first 99$ headphones so idk it might be terrible.

whitbyfox29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@Sonyslave try to bend the headband itself if its metal like the awfully uncomfortable PS4 Platinum headset. It does help a lot i had to do it with mine.

Thundercat7729d ago

Thanks for the recommendation. Is that one really the best for PS5?

whitbyfox29d ago

@Thundercat for the price i’m sure it is yeah, it has double the battery of the Pulse and is far more comfortable. Sounds great too.
There are a few comparison videos on youtube.

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rlow129d ago

Everything shared so far is pointing to a solid addition to the series. I'm really interested in the villains this time around and from what they have showed so far, feels fresh and not just a rehash. Can't come quick enough.

sourOG29d ago

I agree. It seems like they took the criticism of re7 to heart and addressed it properly. We’ll see in a few weeks. I’m hyped.

-Foxtrot29d ago

Everything shared?

Most of what they’ve shared has been “big tall sexy vampire lady”

That’s it