Abandoned will feature Hunger and Thirst mechanics, Diseases, Animal Hunting and No HUD

After a recent interview with IGN, Hassan Kahraman, head of the Blue Box studio that develops Abandoned, also spoke to the Dutch publication During the conversation, the developer shared new details of the upcoming horror game and talked a little about the Blue Box studio.

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IamTylerDurden137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

This is actual survival horror. The visuals we've seen so far are nearly photo realistic and supposedly run 4K/60. Talk of false prophets and horror, first person shooting. Q4, 2021, PS5 exclusive. Heavy DualSense and 3D audio implementation. I'm interested. Came out of nowhere. 2021-2022 looking pretty loaded on PS5 already.

On another note, many true survival games seem to include minimal story, but it sounds like Abandoned will buck that trend to a degree. There are apparently some interesting narrative elements to this game, rather than focusing purely on survival or cat n mouse horror, it sounds like an interesting all around package. Let's hope Blue Box can surprise us despite a less than well known track record.

Stanjara37d ago

Photorealistic Don't Starve...i don't know.
If it's relying on crafting I'm gonna pass.

anast37d ago

I'm down. Can't wait for some gameplay.

DaveZero37d ago

Must admit that looks sweet, I'd have to take that Rocking off as you move, that gets so annoying in games despite it feeling more real.

I would like this game if it stay those same graphics but as we know upon release games never look that good compare to there first release screen or video shots.

THEzRude37d ago

Photorealistic graphic design and they used that horrible campfire ? stick out like a sore thumb honestly.

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