Diablo and how Blizzard resurrected their classic RPG series

TSA writes: Slay monsters, hoard loot, level up. These are simple yet effective components powering the Diablo series, adventurers grinding away for endless hours after being caught in that all too familiar loop. With Diablo 2 Resurrected launching later this year – and with the first alpha test now underway – let’s take a look back at the origins of this landmark series.

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anast29d ago

They didn't want to resurrect it. It took 20 years of nudging by the fans.

Eidolon28d ago

Yeah crazy it took this long. It's staying power is up there with the best. I'm excited to play the shit out of it again.

anast28d ago

Same here. I can't wait to play the necromancer again.

Thunder_G0d_Bane28d ago

So true. But I’m glad it’s finally here and it looks fantastic.

I’m excited for both resurrected and Diablo 4. Just need both straight into my veins.