Flying Wild Hog will reveal new Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay next month

Flying Wild Hog: "The Shadow Warrior 3 marketing mini gun is spinning up with some exciting looks at the game coming next month."

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sourOG33d ago

I followed this to 17 minutes of gameplay shown over a year ago. I think they nailed it this time lol. Easily one my most hyped now. The visuals looked really good even then.

Germaximus33d ago

Both the first games were great. 2 was incredible.

RaidenBlack33d ago

SW2 was pretty good looking. But they retired their in-house engine this time.
They are making SW3 using Unreal 4.

HyperMoused33d ago

I just hope in todays panzy world they keep the humor....."You mess with the get the wang"

knightedHollow33d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if they cut it back OR that we'll see some articles or whatnot about how the game is offensive and certain individuals are on twitter complaining.

Individuals that would have never played the game anyways of course.