The music of Returnal: an interview with composer Bobby Krlic

Get your first taste of the game’s soundtrack as well as insights into its composer’s creative process.

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ArchangelMike31d ago

Say what you want about this game, but you can't deny the fact that Sony are generating a steady stream of media in the run up to it's launch. They are at least treating it as more than just another AA indie game.

Only 3 more weeks to go before we visit Atropos for ourselves. I can't wait, Day 1 for me.

Battlestar2331d ago

Hope this will come to gamepass in a year or so.

neomahi31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Too expensive. Not worth $69.99. I'm waiting until its $39.99, which probably won't be long, just like The Show 21. PS5 is teaching me restraint and patience. It all started just trying to get the PS5 alone. PS4, I had no restraint or patience. PS3 was even worse, I got Collectors Editions, Special Editions all Day 1. I loved the PS3, best Sony console.

waverider31d ago

I hope that Housemarque can make the jump with this game. Its seems cool.

lio_convoy30d ago

Got my fingers crossed on this one for replayability for a long time. The only thing that concerns me is every video of it I've seen up to now has hitching in the frame rate. I'm really hoping that's fixed up with the gold release! I'd rather see a steady 60fps game with a lower res than a higher res game with an uneven framerate. Especially this kinda game. It's already paid for and my digital download is waiting to happen, so here's hoping! I'm sold on the idea, the gameplay mechanics and the look of it. It's just that one thing that's been nagging me.