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IGN : Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, our new show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S. This week, our host Daemon Hatfield, joined by Ryan McCaffrey, host of IGN's Xbox podcast, Podcast Unlocked, and Jonathon Dornbush, host of IGN's PlayStation podcast, Podcast Beyond discuss the growing gap between Xbox and PlayStation's subscription service options.

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IamTylerDurden129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

PSNow doesn't have to beat Gamepass. Microsoft's service is wildly more popular yet PlayStation continues to dominate Xbox in every major category. Sales, install base, revenue, demand, and popularity. PS4 hammered XB1 despite Gamepass and backwards compatibility being enormously popular on Microsoft's console. This generation is playing out very similarly to early last gen with PlayStation taking an early commanding lead despite Gamepass.

Sony has a different business model and it works. Services are certainly a part of it, but not ALL of it. And ppl seem to only concentrate on Gamepass when boasting about services without realizing that Sony has perhaps the most successful service on console. PlayStation Plus has well over 40 million subs and quite frankly trumps Games With Gold. PSNow has millions of subscribers and has improved dramatically over the past year. But even with all of that Sony still makes its living from install base and industry leading exclusives. It's a business model that has worked for them in the past and it continues to work to this day. That's not to say they haven't evolved, they have, but unlike Xbox they have not drastically altered their entire business model in an attempt to find their footing.

People get carried away with Gamepass. It's a successful service, it better be, it's Xbox's entire business plan. But please realize, PlayStation has been incredibly dominant for the last decade. They continue flooding their platforms with both quantity and quality in terms of exclusive content. They are the only console provider legitimately supporting VR. They have new, innovative next gen tech and PSVR2 on the way. They are already leading next gen by a wide margin and 2021-2022 are packed with heavy hitters. Forget hype and promises, PlayStation is delivering in real time and people need to respect that.

PS4 has already been the second most successful console of all time and PS5 is literally on the same exact pace while being dramatically more in demand. This is worldwide. PlayStation is global. That's why they dominate sales. The real question should be, can Xbox keep up with PlayStation despite having very little influence outside of NA and the UK. That's the real question, because right now they aren't even winning at home let alone in Europe and beyond. The media needs to put respect on Playstation's name. They have the games, sales, install, and innovation. PlayStation is winning, act like it.

chiefJohn11729d ago

Gold have 60+ million so that beats Ps+

29d ago
1Victor29d ago

Hey @ chiefJ
Source please because that statement smell like grunt 💩.

Babadook729d ago (Edited 29d ago )

“Can PlayStation Keep Up With Xbox Game Pass?”

I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the game-pass astroturfing - so I guess that’s a ‘no’.

stonecold329d ago

Let us know if xbox can manage to sell 155 million console and 120 million console like ps4they will never reached that number the headline should say micrsoft where are the games that can keep up with the PlayStation

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Chevalier29d ago

Playstation store makes significantly more money and sales. PSN revenue is more than the whole Xbox gaming divisions combined. So I'm guessing they will be fine. They broke the industry record last year. So pretty sure Playstation will 'keep up' just fine. PSN beats all of Xbox game divisions combined. So yeah.


majiebeast28d ago

You should be banned for trying to spread fake news.

chiefJohn11728d ago (Edited 28d ago )

That's including gamepass to be clear and more like 50-60 rather than 60+. And no it's not unheard off to have more subs than consoles sold. People are/were also still on 360. Ps+ wasn't required on Ps3 to game online so they didnt have those subs like 360 was still bringing in. Xbox live have over 90 mill MAU at any given time period. You do the math.
Here the link FYI
Shouldn't even need it. Use your heads what % of xbox users do you think sub to Gamepass? 10%? 25%? 40? I'm sure your smart enough to not guess something like 75%+. So think if GP has 18 million users That alone should tell you, give you a clue at the sheer amount that sub to gold. You cant possibly really think more people sub to GP than they do gold, so you know by ratio alone gold much higher, then its simple as adding both together and you'd give more than 40mill subs. Gold and GP combined have more subs than plus and Now. And I dare anyone to link me to something saying different

IRetrouk27d ago

Just making up numbers here aint ya? No gold count can be made, because ms won't give that info out, but regardless of sub numbers, playstation makes double what xbox does in revenue, psn alone makes more than either xbox or nintendo do, yet you think gold and gamepass has more paying members.... how does that make sense?

RosweeSon24d ago

They’ve got more gold subscribers than they’ve sold consoles in the last 10 years, yeah sure 😑🤣

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rakentaja29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Keep waiting for the exclusives. At this very moment, the Xbox gives you a ton of games to play for very cheap in Game Pass, and over time, it only gets better. PS5s gather dust, I've heard it from too many places by now.

Rude-ro29d ago

If Microsoft has not made any new game that actually made their install base drop 50%...
What future does a subscription service have?
The ONLY thing Xbox fans have is hope.
Playing a group of indies and mediocre third party games for $180 a year from a company who has not made a new AAA title in ten years and counting is a joke.
Making it seem popular does not mean it is popular, it mean the base is easily manipulated through marketing tactics.

TheTony31629d ago

Keep waiting for exclusives? You make it sound as if MS has any lol.

Nofamboyism29d ago

Unfortunately this is the truth at present. I played demon souls and miles morales and for me there is little reason to turn the ps5 on. My series x however, yes there weren’t any exciting new launch titles, but gamepass, ease of use features like quick resume , i literally can’t put it down. I play a game if i don’t like it i swap, or delete. And medium was actually a decent release, Outriders also a day 1 release whatever your opinions are, on my ps5 outriders is like £50/60

Chevalier28d ago

I'll take my PS4 library which is playable on PS5 and I already own so no additional monthly cost over your Gamepass every single day and it's not even close. Quality and quantity.

PS4 library playable on PS5 = free, over Gamepass any which way you cut it is better value.

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DEEHULK8829d ago

Yet Nintendo still seems to be in first place. Gamepass when it first came out is nothing like it is now. It came out in 2017 roughly 4 years after the the Xbox One launch, so why would it have an effect on any outcome. Make sense please. The media always slobs Playstation even in the terrible PS3 era and Japan advantage that will forever be there is the only reason PS3 closed the gap on 360, still lost to Wii and was not number 1 in any territory overall.

TheTony31629d ago

You forgot about Europe. Arguably Playstations strongest market and the place where the PS3 was outselling the 360 from day 1 at higher price tag.

DEEHULK8829d ago

360 outsold PS3 by 20 million in the US 49 ro 29 ps3 outsold Xbox360 by 9 milion in Europe 34 to 25 and japan made the difference. The gap in Europe definitely wasn't as big as the Xo vs ps4 gap in europe.

29d ago
DEEHULK8829d ago

What does that mean? Didn't they eventually surpass them in Europe, so I don't get you point about the TWO years. The US just didn't mess with the PS3 like that. There was no 20 million gap between the ps3 and the 360 in the US when the PS3 was released, so the lead had to expand. I mean jesus the Xboxone outsold Ps3 in US.

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scofios29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Xbox is playing catch up to Playstation since it's existence ,Now that you can rent games with a monthly subscription on Xbox , Playstation has two catch up ? Hahaha .

Laxus29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Lol, the generation just started, I wouldn't say anyone is beating anyone yet.

But if we're looking at what's available now,(not counting sales cuz who cares)
Xbox has Playstation beat, fair and square. If you're a gamer that plays a lot of games xbox is just objectively the more attractive option as of right now.

You can say "oh sales this, sales that, exclusives this, exclusives that" in the end all that matters is how many games can I access and play on your platform. An Xbox owner just has more games to play thanks to gamepass.

neutralgamer199229d ago

I don't think what you're saying makes a lot of sense because there could be gamers on PlayStation 5 with a huge backlog of games from PlayStation 4 they can just put the disk in and play on PlayStation 5. Also you have to take into account internet data limits because I used 75% if my limit within days of signing up for gamepass. Right now I am paying but I don't think I would pay $14.99 a month because I much rather buy games that I can own

The instant game collection on ps5 gives you some amazing games from day one too. I don't think it's dome and gloom for Sony if they don't have a service like gamepass and I don't think Microsoft will fail or succeed just because of GP. My point is both companies are doing their own thing and both companies are succeeding

If Sony and Nintendo also have their versions of game pass then they're all doing the same thing so there's no much difference

As far as backwards compatibility goes that's the main reason I got Xbox x because I missed out on a lot of games from XBox 360 and Xbox One days so I can just play them and I'll buy the exclusive here and there

Not sure how many years ms will support Xbox one x though. I hope for atleast few more years since I just bought one

Orchard29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

“I don't think what you're saying makes a lot of sense because there could be gamers on PlayStation 5 with a huge backlog of games from PlayStation 4 they can just put the disk in and play on PlayStation 5.”

Huh? I was lead to believe that backwards compatibility sucked and only Xbox people “played old games” because there are 100’s of good PS5 exclusives out right now.

“Also you have to take into account internet data limits because I used 75% if my limit within days of signing up for gamepass”

“I have so many games to play, I blew through my monthly data cap within days” - sounds like a good problem to have and shows that the subscription is worth it.

IRetrouk29d ago

If numbers is all you care about then ps now has gamepass beat... silly argument.

kopp3rbug29d ago

If you're a gamer who plays a lot of games then all options are viable. Why limit yourself to Xbox?

Chevalier28d ago


"Huh? I was lead to believe that backwards compatibility sucked and only Xbox people “played old games” because there are 100’s of good PS5 exclusives out right now."

Weird. 4000+ games on PS4 seems like a lot more than what's available on Xbox generations so what exactly is your point? Also have the best and highest rated games too so not exactly how that helps Xbox. There's over a 100 million PS4 owners and those people who moved onto PS5 carried over their libraries for FREE. I keep hearing about Gamepass, but, my PS4 library alone absolutely destroys Gamepass and its not even close. You guys live in a bubble and keep mentioning Gamepass and 'values when you don't consider Playstation gamers can just access and play their existing libraries for FREE.

Knushwood Butt28d ago

Sales this sales that.

Does that mean I can't mention that PS5 is selling more than Xbox Series?

On another note, Xbox is dead in the water in Japan.

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Atom66629d ago

"PlayStation is winning, act like it"

Wow. I hope Sony reads it and gives you a pat on the head you crave.

It's two corporations seeking revenue. The bootlicking isn't necessary.

GP is getting a lot of attention because it's disrupting the status quo a bit. Sony will respond, but MS has its foot on the gas this gen. There's been some setbacks (Halo), but their plan so far has been solid.

Sony is getting some negative attention lately because of some not-so-ideal news and reports. But their reputation is well known. The problem they'll face is Nintendo dominating in JP, and a resurgent Xbox in the US. They'll have a great generation though.

But there's no need for the corporate groveling. I'm starting to think you're NOT Tyler Durden...

JustTheFax29d ago

haha IamTylerDurden1 is turning into one of the biggest corporate bootlickers on this site. I thought that Obscure person and Rookiemonster was bad. Oh and the powerofgreen guy. Where do these obsessed fanboys come from??

CBaoth29d ago

Foot on the gas? How so? By releasing a $500 console and no 1st party games for what, like 6 months?

Atom66628d ago


Dude names himself Tyler Durden and then says "put some respect" on a corporation? Sad times...


Not sure where you been?

Starts w/ expanding their 1st party from ~5 to 15. Their launch plans were pretty much focused on Halo. It would have been big to launch w/ their biggest IP, but they screwed that up. In another 6 months, nobody will care, but it was a setback. The plan was an aggressive one though.

Still, I don't think anyone really thought those teams would all be producing games in the 1st 6months anyway, did they?

Then there's Bethesda. Biggest move we've ever seen in the industry.

Then there's the GP deals. Do you think Outriders, Octopath, MLB, etc. are the end of those aggressive moves?

Then there's the Series S and Series X approach. Going after high and low markets. Waiting out AMD for newer chips...

Should we talk about the rumors? Kojima...BF6...Lucasfilm properties...

But basically, they now have 23 studios, consisting of 30+ 1st party teams, and are throwing big dick money around to 3rd parties everyday.

If that's not "foot on the gas," I don't know what is.

MS is actually looking to compete this gen. Despite the blind allegiances of their ironically named corporate worshippers, Sony understands this. They're spending 100's of millions on 3rd party deals for a reason. They're doubling down on blockbusters for a reason too. It's awesome.

It's shaping up to be a great generation for everybody. If you're one of those "nO gAmEz" really aren't going to like what's coming.

chobit_A5HL3Y28d ago

b/c on xbox isn't as much a factor as some people think it is. sony has always lead the way in exclusives and ms has always struggled on that front. the average gamer doesn't really care to go back to play 360 or even back to xboxone once they get their hands on the newest console(s). it's a good feature to have on anything but unless you were known for exclusives then it's pretty much a throw-away feature. sony would be much better off with it than ms.

ms' gamepass on the other hand is a really great service, it's just lacking the install base that sony currently has. xbox damaged it's brand last gen and still hasn't recovered. it also hasn't had nearly as much success on the exclusives front, either. they didn't invest in first-party studios early on and they're paying for it now. sony doesn't need a gamepass-like service because people are ok investing in what they already have to offer(for better or worse). ms basically had to introduce the gamepass out of desperation to stay relevant.

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VersusDMC29d ago

Gamepass has been around since 2017 and hasn't skyrocketed xbox in sales. But let's see what happens when all the studios they bought start releasing AAA games day 1 on Gamepass. Sony only needs to "keep up" once they start losing significant market share to Microsoft.

DEEHULK8829d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Why do people keep saying this? It was already down by a significant number in 2017 and also Gamepass is nothing like it is now. I don't think anything can tun a tide when you are already down by 40 million. Please act like you have some Common sense. Sony wouldn't have changed PS Now if they didn't care about Gamepass. Sony, IGN, and Playstation fans are the only ones that still care about console wars.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod29d ago

Everything you said here is nonsense.

RazzerRedux29d ago

You spent most of your paragraph making excuses for why Game Pass didn't "turn the tide" in the console war and then tried to pretend only Sony fans don't care about the console war. lol....ok

Phil Spencer certainly cares about the console war. He wouldn't have bought Zenimax/Bethesda if he didn't. But more so than that, he flatly said he did.

'I Want To Win This Generation,' Says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

DEEHULK8829d ago

It makes perfect sense because people had their minds made up and didn't matter what happened. It's just like with 360 in America, analyst kept saying that Sony's exclusives would eventually turn the tide for PS3 in America, but every month one came out from the like of LOU, UnCharted1,2 and 3, GODOW3 the 360 would still outsell it because America had made up it's mind that 360 was the system of choice there. People's minds were already made up about XBO and nothing was going to change that.

29d ago
DEEHULK8829d ago (Edited 29d ago )

In US certain months it did with the lower prices, but for 30 plus months up until the PS4 release 360 outsold PS3 and wii in the US which is why 360 beat ps3 by 20 million in the US. You can look all of that up yourself. I remember games like Last of Us coming out and the 360 still would be number 1 .

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Chevalier28d ago

You know what I find most confusing? Gamepass value keeps being mentioned yet all the people I know who had PS4 moved onto PS5 and carried over their whole library over for free. My PS4 catalog of games just craps all over Gamepass which carried over for FREE. That's not even including PS Plus collection, Stay at Home free games and monthy Plus Games. That kind of gets lost in the conversation. Yeah Gamepass is a good value, but, for people with large existing libraries on Playstation its not that big a deal.

TheGreatGazoo3028d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Given that, as a software company, MS doesn't report sales of hardware, including Xbox, you don't know it hasn't spiked sales. We DO know that GamePass subscribers have grown incredibly fast over the last couple years. Revenue has continued to climb too.

VersusDMC28d ago

We have articles for sales of games and systems posted here all the time. For several territories. So we DO know they haven't outsold Playstation in years.

TheGreatGazoo3028d ago


Thats my point. In regards to Microsoft, those numbers are guesses, but people take them like fact. Not saying MS outsold Sony, just saying we don't know Xbox sales numbers. We do know Xbox revenue and subscribers, which are going up and up

SavageFlamingo29d ago

Eh. It doesn’t really matter. They’ll both sell consoles and put out games. People will be fans of one or the other. Sometimes both. Arguing over which is better is just pointless.

NeoGamer23227d ago

Yup this is just like arguing that vehicle manufacturer A has to catch up with vehicle manufacturer B.

Unless the feature cannibalizing sales of the other manufacturer it just doesn't matter. People choose their console(s) based on their preferences. And in this case GamePass is not cannibalizing sales of PS or Switch at this time. It isn't even close to cannibalizing PS sales.

Sony, Nintendo, and MS are all going in different directions. MS is focusing on building services and playing on many platforms. Sony is focused on the art of making the best possible games. Nintendo is focused on form factor with great pick up and play games.

29d ago