Nominees Announced for "X-Play Best of 2008 Awards"

G4 and their hit show "X-Play" have announced their complete list of nominees for the "X-Play Best of 2008" awards show that will premier in a one-hour special on the network Tuesday December 9, 2008 at 8pm est/pst. The show's hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb will be revealing the selections from the 20+ categories in the sixth annual special.

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“Right stick combat” – Too Human

I LMAO when i saw that. XD

littletad3696d ago

Should be on there. Everything else is okay, I suppose. Prince of Persia isn't on there either.

callahan093696d ago

I agree, it's a nice list. However, the Game of the Year category is missing something:

Fable 2
Fallout 3
Gears of War 2
Grand Theft Auto IV
Left 4 Dead
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Resistance 2

I don't think Left 4 Dead belongs here. Get rid of it, and put in LittleBigPlanet, and I'd give this list my 100% approval.

solar3696d ago

an innovative title like L4D with its hardcore co-op should be GOTY. its like nothing else out today.

Eiffel3696d ago

LBP was a great game but not GOTY material, Gamers have already played side-scrollers before.. my vote goes for L4D, its Co-Op is just insane..

Willio3696d ago

an innovative title like L4D with its hardcore co-op should be GOTY. its like nothing else out today.

Um... Counterstrike source zombie mode? 3-5yrs ago.


LBP was a great game but not GOTY material, Gamers have already played side-scrollers before.. my vote goes for L4D, its Co-Op is just insane..

Gamers have played tons of co-op multiplayer shooters before.. whats your point? At least Resistance 2 gives 8 player co-op, 60 skirmish. LBP offers a new physics system to the mix.

shovelbum3696d ago

Very nice job with the nominations.

Fallout 3 - GOTY in my book
R2 - easily wins best MP or this thing is rigged.
Fable II - the writing wasn't very good IMO - not bad by any means but nothing to throw awards at either.
L4D - the AI was outstanding and deserves the nod.
LBP - probably should be eligible for GOTY but certainly the most innovative of the year.

Eiffel3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

It was a simple opinion, no need to get all unsettled over an opinion.
Look I played LBP I enjoyed it but, it just felt like a side exclusive, a exclusive not as great as ones ahead of it.

I choose L4D because its innovative gameplay makes team members work together to survive. And its Ai Director does not hold back on difficulty settings. Its an amazing game and its my choice, like or not suck it. Don't compare mods to L4D many did and they are now silent, its nothing like any zombie mod you would know if you even played it.

staub913696d ago

The Wii is getting no love....

To bad it deserves it. Just goes to show that the wii is nothing but a money machine for Nintendo.

Sony and Microsoft are both top notch compared to the wii.

solar3696d ago

amen my friend. its hilarious to me when ppl call L4D a mod. when its no where near a mod. its the ill informed haters that dont know or do research as to what and where L4D came from. most of the hate comes from the blind, lemming ps3 fanboys.

quote "Um... Counterstrike source zombie mode? 3-5yrs ago."

lmao! and some ppl call themselves gamers. laugh.

BrianC62343696d ago

"LBP was a great game but not GOTY material,"

I don't see how anyone can say that. It deserves GOTY as much as all the games on the list. When X-Play reviewed it they acted like it was one of their favorite games of all time. Maybe since it's in so many other categories they left it out of GOTY but I say it should be on the list. Even if it doesn't win the category it's good enough to be nominated.

Serjikal_Strike3696d ago

Take L4D out...thats not a contender!

Wile3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I think L4D is fine right where it is. Will it get GOTY? Probably not, but it deserves the nod. It's freaking fun! Unpretentious, no expectations, non-hyped, come out of left field, sleeper game, simplicity meets perfect execution, FUN!

DaSaintFan3696d ago

So other than Fable2, all the games of the year are shooters (3rd and 1st)? And to think G4 actually complained about the lack of ingenuity in the gaming industry not too long ago, but here they are helping to further promote repetitiveness.

But I'll go with Fallout3 for the GOTY winner. (since LBP isn't up there?)

As much as I love LBP: I'll say most original will be Boom Blox

Innovation: Little Big planet (although cause XBLA and PSN games get ignored, there is user generated content in some of those games)

Best Multiplayer: I"ll say Resistance 2, but just barely

Action Adventure: Dead Space
Sports: Hot Shots Golf
Shooter: Gears of War 2
RPG: Persona 4 (don't own, but everyone I"ve talked to that has it, LOVES it)
New Character: (if the Dog wins, there's something incredibly wrong with these awards): Sackboy (although Drebin got some consideration by me)
Art Direction: MGS4
Animation: I would say Prince of Persia, but I Think L4D will get this one
Writing: MGS4
Soundtrack; Mirror's Edge
Sound Design: Dead Space
best DLC: Burnout: Paradise City (no contest, with the amounts of stuff they gave for free?)
Best Downloadable; Braid will run away with this one easy (disappointed that Elefunk wasn't in the list)
Best Strategy: Valkyria Chronicles
Racing game: I suspect MK: Wii will get this, although B:PC deserves consideration
Best music game: Patapon
Best handheld: God of War: Chains of Olympus
MMO: Like they'll give this to anyone but Warcraft again?

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Galvanise3696d ago

LittleBigPlanet nominated for game of the year?

Poor list therefore.

InMyOpinion3696d ago

Should have been there instead of Resistance 2. Fable 2 and Left 4 Dead do not belong there either. Too many nominees.

Danja3696d ago

yup they snubbed LBP..but it's all's X PLAY.stopped watching that show awhile back...

L4D doesn't really deserve to be nominated btw

Kaneda3696d ago

Yeah, LBP should be on the list for GOTY. But you know X-play doesn't want too many games for Sony on there. They are M$ lover...

Megaton3696d ago

I'm actually really surprised LBP isn't one of their nominees. They were telling people to go out and buy PS3's just for that game, and it gets passed up for games like Fable 2 and Resistance 2?

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butterfinger3696d ago

with LBP not getting any love as game of the year while L4D is. It would seem that they really loved L4D. Oh well, I love both games:)

Angelitos3696d ago


POOR XBOTS, they know LBP will win it, but XPlay is a POOR XBOTS show, so they want to please the POOR XBOTS.


Shadow Man3696d ago

Angelitos eres un pendejo.

TheColbertinator3696d ago

Shadow Man habla espanol? Ay dios mio XD

IzKyD13313696d ago

Theres a little thing called google translator, heres one for him:
los bots son homos
you don't need a translator to figure this one out

heyheyhey3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

las personas que prefieres la xbox son pendejos, ademas, en mi opinion MGS4 es le videojuego que es mas bien para esta ano

IzkY, es verdad, les bots son homos.... muy homo, por ejemplo pp

ahh darn my limited spanish!

Aquanox3696d ago

Aprendan a hablar español sarta de huevones! XD

LBP not in the GOTY nominees... must be due to the multiplayer and control problems.

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Smacktard3696d ago

Wh... what? How the hell are Boom Blox and Super Smash Bros Brawl absent from, at least, the best multiplayer category? What crap.

Covenant3696d ago

I'll agree with you...I would have put SSMB on the list instead of Too Human.