Outriders Review - Bombastic Gunplay & Supercharged Abilities Keeping Me Hooked - Explosion Network

Dylan from Explosion Network says that Outriders is "some of the most thrilling third-person combat he's played in years" in his review.

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dolfa35d ago

"Bombastic" yet gets 65% on steam. haha mediocre at best. I told you so. Its going to be trash like rest of bullet sponge rpg shooters.

35d ago
Espangerish35d ago

Don’t get the hate this game has had. It’s great fun. Solid fun combat, nice streamlined game systems.

It’s not revolutionary but it makes for a really fun coop RPG shooter. If that’s you type of game you like you can’t go wrong with this.

Aquafiniac35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Because there is alot of issues right now.
Just from today playing on the Xbox
• match making still sucks, tried to get into a game 5 times didn’t get anything
• some times the enemy feel cheap, is like they have aim bot and can see through walls. Like no matter what you do they know where you are
• game play can be repetitive
• the map is horrible and today the waypoint wouldn’t work at all. It would keep leading me to the same point. No matter the mission.

That being said i still enjoyed it. I would give it 6.5/7 out of 10

Servbot4135d ago

Also inventory wipe issues which shouldn't exist since the game is online-only.

jznrpg35d ago

Went to my co workers house to hangout . Saw it on his SX and it’s still janky looking like the demo was on PS5 . The gameplay is ok but the package it is in is low quality .It’s a bargain bin game at best

anast35d ago

I heard they are nerfing a lot of those super charged abilities.

Kaii35d ago

To throw out a balance patch just after 1 week is problematic because basically it's like Hard nerfing X/Y but not doing any buffs to anything else to incentivize any different approach?
Trickster was all about getting In close to deal the damage, yet they nerf this because it's performing well? :s (Node bonuses) couldn't care about the increase In CD on the ability