PS5 vs Xbox Series: which should you buy?

PS5 or Xbox Series which should you buy? Choosing a new console is not too easy, but it will be your friend in the next 6-7 years.

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masterfox38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"If it’s power in a box then the Xbox Series X is the best console"

Meanwhile in reality the Playstation 5 has been kicking the xbox rear since release date in terms of games and visuals, oh well. :) ...oh and controller too, oh game console design also, lol

Aquafiniac38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

There is nothing on both the PS5 and Xbox at the moment, but what Xbox has is day one games on a cheap subscription so they are offering something. I don’t doubt The PS5 to produce amazing games, probably the best but as of right now Xbox.

CaptainHenry91638d ago

Actually the PS5 had better launch exclusives than the series X

Rude-ro37d ago

They are everything from last gen.
Last gen was mostly about the previous gen outside of third party games.

I do not get your sales pitch there.
Are you telling people that the 360 era was so good that it put Microsoft in last place last gen due to running with those old titles?
If it made them lose 50% of their market shares world wide..why buy their new console and subscribe into said company that has done nothing to keep their software fresh and exciting... for over ten years?

RauLeCreuset37d ago

From the makers of "E3 was a tie" comes "there is nothing on both." Out now, in a comment section near you!

roboteye37d ago

PS Collection. You get access to some of the highest rated PS4 games day 1.

darthv7237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer because everyone is different and will choose what they like.
Realistically, we know that aint gonna happen and those who 'choose' are going to get down voted accordingly.

Babadook737d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yes. Xbox guys say there is nothing on both ps5 and xsx. Owners of ps5 meanwhile are swimming in great exclusives. Metacritic of course proves the point.

DOMination-36d ago

I notice that N4G removed the two articles from yesterday detailing all of the dysfunction within SIE at the moment. Standard.

bouzebbal36d ago

I'll go for the one with most next gen games.

S2Killinit36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

And then game after game you will slowly regret once again doubting that the games of the generation are on PlayStation. And then it dawns on you that all year youve been playing games on game pass that you would not have paid money for, and that the same amount of money and the same amount of time, could have been spent on masterpieces. Dun dun duuuun.

UltraNova36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Just got my PS5, finally the wait is over! Astro has been the best possible introduction to the dualsense! Love every minute of it. Next up Miles morales!

Fu** yeah!

bouzebbal35d ago


Was well worth the wait 👌🏽
Get ready for RE8

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Jin_Sakai38d ago

Both consoles are so close in performance is negligible. Game Pass is a great service and Xbox has better BC.

I like the Dual Sense haptics a lot but unfortunately my controller has extremely bad stick drift. I like both consoles but I have to got with Series X myself.

Aquafiniac38d ago

I honestly thought I was gonna go PS5 this gen but Sony underestimated the competition. PS5 is gonna be worth it in a couple years

FlavorLav0137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

You’re account must’ve been hacked. Xbox series has had nothing since launch. Games over “services”, Haptics over rumble, actual launch titles over “here’s gamepass” and the rest written on an IOU from MS. Sony hands down has proven they care about gaming as an interactive medium overall, MS on the other hand cares more about turning it all into a giant service. Which one should I throw my spare cash behind 🤔

someone7237d ago

Have both of them as well(and a series s), pretty much agree.

Both are good consoles, and both have their merits. However, as of now, i have a lot more to play on the series x, mainly due to its far superior bc efforts and great playing multiplatform games. (And gamepass is just icing)

I have no doubt sony will have some killer games, next must play for me is ratchet, but as it stands now, about 80% of my gametime is spent on my series consoles.

Army_of_Darkness37d ago

So basically, everyone who chooses the series X are essentially using it to play their last gen games for better performance....
I wouldn't buy a $600 next gen console for that lol!

crazyCoconuts37d ago

No stick drift for me. Getting free PS5 games to play every month with PS+, and there have been a few great exclusives already. PS5 is the obvious answer for me. Xbox has promises.

37d ago
SierraGuy37d ago

Series x stutters too much.


JustTheFax36d ago

@Army_of_Darkness That is what PS5 owners are doing once they finish their PS3 remake and Astro game demo! They insert/download their PS4 upgraded games like Spiderman MM and Sackboy, or download the free PS4 games they got with the console. Would you buy a $600 next gen console for that? lol

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darthv7237d ago

i would not be surprised if we actually see more dual platform owners this gen than last. It would likely be similar to the 7th gen with almost a 1:1 in terms of platform adoption.

I know I'm planning on getting both.

Wintersun61637d ago

I assume you don't have a decent PC. If you would, there would be no reason to buy an xbox.

someone7237d ago

One can have a great pc and have an xbox. I have a very powerful rig i use for work, but dont like gaming on pc. Haven’t since the 80s. (Aside from a kalonline / WoW addiction for a few years)

Also, gamepass is better on xbox than PC, and that has become more essential to me than buying titles one by one.(or whatever silly box they may play on.

darthv7237d ago

@winter, I used to like gaming on PC back in the 90's with the likes of counter strike and half life 2 but I've always been a console player since the 70's. I don't play on PC anymore, not since those days and the many-a-LAN party Id go to.

rakentaja37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

to Wintersun616: BIG OLED TV and a couch gives you a more immersive experience and also the Game Pass selection is better on console. I have been on a console for a long time but I tried to connect my One X to a 27" 4K monitor and I felt very cramped and the screen wasn't even comparable to a good 55-inch + TV. Just too small to enjoy games, sorry but true. For me, there's no reason to choose an expensive $2000 PC instead of XSX, which does 4K/60 for $500. Many games are available on both platforms, but there is still something special to play on the console, especially if they are so powerful now ... not like before, when there was a 30fps era. Then I would have agreed with you.

lukejd108836d ago

It’s funny that this comment has 19 disagrees to 10 agrees. Why do PlayStation people have to be able to say “my toy is better”

36d ago
JustTheFax36d ago

@Wintersun616 I have a more than decent pc and I still like the xbox because I have access to all my xbox 360 games that I have forgotten about when I switched to ps4 last gen. Plus they have some game pass exclusive games like Hotshot Racing and Outriders that aren't on PC game pass. But going forward I am going to be recommending xbox to friends who don't have the money to build a beefy pc, and don't really care about sony exclusives.

@rakentaja You know you can connect a PC to a big TV right? I have mine connected to my 4k/120hz TV and my RTX 3080 works fine with my tv, even with 120hz, HDR, and VRR. But you do have a point about the xbox doing 4k/60 for less than a PC which is why I will recommend it to people looking for an upgrade.

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Shiken37d ago

Still hanging on to those early cross gen ports I see, while more recent comparisons tend to favor the Series X...especially in resolution.

Bots and ponies need to chill on the power comparisons till actual next gen games are released, that are built for the new tech from the ground up. They are such a coin toss now that either side just looks stupid for trying to bring them up.

RazzerRedux36d ago

Actually, more recent comparisons have been nearly identical. Series X typically has had more pixels, but PS5 has had more frames. But we are talking fractional differences either way.

"They are such a coin toss now that either side just looks stupid for trying to bring them up."

I would agree with you except for the fact that lot of Xbox fans spent the majority of last year bragging about XSX's 12 teraflops advantage. Heck, a lot of them were bending over backwards trying to say PS5 had just a 9 teraflop GPU which was bullshit from the get-go. So I'd say PS5 fans are justified in bringing up the fact that the XSX power advantage hasn't turned out to be an advantage at all.

IamTylerDurden137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Hasn't the bullshit power narrative set by Phil Spencer been washed by now? SX hasn't performed any better than PS5. The article should say, if you want specs on paper, go with SX.

PS5 has been the more technically impressive console by a longshot. The DualSense alone has been a huge advantage and the SSD showed out some basic strengths in optimized games like Demon's Souls and Miles, but Ratchet is right around the corner and the future of this technology goes far beyond simple load times, as certain devs have recently alluded.

And yes, despite misunderstood specs on paper, PlayStation continues the trend of better looking exclusives. Demon's Souls, Miles, and even Godfall despite it's mixed reception all look incredible, visually. Once Horizon and God of War release, hopefully 2021, I expect this advantage to grow for PlayStation as the previous games in those franchises were arguably the best looking games on console at release. Ratchet also looks to be beautiful and even Returnal has the potential to surprise.

someone7237d ago

None of what you said is actually true.

1. The series x has more power, period. However, games have been about on par, with extremely minor fluctuations between which version is better.

2. The game console design is completely subjective. I have them both on shelves next to each other. Think both are ugly, but I like how the series x becomes invisible where as the ps5 is an eyesore.

3. Dualsense controller is great, but i still prefer the series x controller. Its better optimized and doesnt have the garbage touchpad.

4. More exclusives on the ps5 for sure, and ive bought all of them aside from souls because i hate souls games. Bugsnax, sackboy, miles morales, and godfall are all decent games, but honestly there are no standouts on either platform yet. I play all my multiplatform games on xbox because they have a much better rewards system, and the games all play great. Also, the history of bc a availability and the better user interface on series x make for a better overall experience when possible. Yeah

Sayai jin37d ago

Red meat for the fanboys. Get the one you or both you want.

He said, console design. Smh...that is subjective at best, but expected.

Enjoy your games boys and girls.

rakentaja37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

to CaptainHenry916:
These two remasters have been forgotten a month after the PS5 was released. Game Pass has taken over since then ... 4 months and counting.

masterfox36d ago

yeah the sales represent what you are saying. :D

rakentaja36d ago

to masterfox:
It amazes me how few people are actually aware of the situation. PS5 went into production about 2 months earlier and the result? more produced consoles!

lukejd108836d ago

Ps5 honestly makes my setup look like I’m a star wars nerd or something.

Mrgamesalot36d ago

Certainly not in controller design imo. I used to play on PS but moved to Xbox with the 360. Prior to that I thought the Dual Sense was the best controlled there could ever be and never understood the 360 off set analogue sticks. That said, as soon as I picked it up it felt way more comfortable and natural to me. Everyone will have their own opinion, but it's this fanboyism commentaries with no thought that is a complete joke.

TheEroica36d ago

Wow.. this is some deranged reality right here. It's a king of fanboy type comment.

masterfox36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I thought this was the reality:

PS5 sales approximately: 6.3 m
Xbox X Sales approximately: 3.8 m

If this is not the reality so then you must be living in somekind of crazy multiverse were gamepass is making the xbox sell like hotcakes. lol

TheEroica36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Riiiiight. So you just claimed reality was that ps5 had better "games, visuals and controller" and then fell back on sales when pressed.

Doesn't get much more insecure in your original statement than that.

masterfox36d ago


Insecure? pressed?, seriously what are you talking about lol, PS5 got those sales and still growing cause all those factors I mention in my original first post, you know people tend to like new stuff and if it looks futuristic even more, even even more if is backed up by huge respectable company as Sony, also didn't realize that xbox sales I mention are also including the Xbox Series S, and so this proves gamepass is not the game changer everyone is claiming to be, and that's because I can literally go to my local Costco and buy a Series S , there is a bunch of those if not a full stack of cardboard things to pick up, still don't worry I will applaud MS when they start receiving new nice looking real next gen games, hell I would be even happy for them if at least they announce and show some gameplay of at least one of them. lol

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Aquafiniac38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I bought the Xbox series first. With MS pumping everything they got on game pass it would be dumb for me not to. MS pumping everything they got on game pass it would be dumb for me not to.
I’ll buy a PS5 when it gets easier to find, but tbh I don’t like how Sony been running lately.
I didn’t even know psnow was being sold for a dollar.
Honestly Jim is trash

Zeebo31438d ago

You don't like free games from Play at Home, or the huge improvement in the PS+ games on PS4 or the day 1 PS5 games?

I feel like Jim and PlayStation aren't getting enough credit for what they're actually doing.

Aquafiniac38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I will give credit where it’s due.
PlayStation is giving away free games but their PR is absolute trash.
I didn’t even know some games were free until it’s to late
Like what I said above.. didn’t even know PSnow was being sold for a $1. Now it’s to late

I actually went on there again and they are offering a 7 day free trial. Gonna try it.

isarai38d ago


Sooooo your determining factor is how good their PR is, not games?... you do you bro 👍

jznrpg37d ago

@Aquafiniac I play games not PR . PR is mostly what’s driving Xbox , I will take the games PS has instead .

Shiken37d ago

I will have a PS5 eventually when Ragnarok comes out, but I went with Series X first this time as well. I just like how MS is approaching things this gen and how well they are handling gamepass. And I am someone who prior to this gen, always picked PS from the PS2 through the PS4.

Charlieboy33337d ago

Sounds llike you are the one doing all the pumping....with Phil.

37d ago
RazzerRedux36d ago

"My biggest complaint with Sony are their fanboys."

Fanboys are not exclusive to any company or platform. Xbox fanboys, Sony fanboys, Nintendo fanboys.....ther are all the same. Pretending one group is worse than the others is a symptom of fanboyism all in itself.

Fluke_Skywalker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I assume you weren't on this site back in the PS3 360 generation? It wasn't a pleasant place to be for a Sony fanboy. The xbox fanboys were far more plentiful and far more toxic back then. You couldn't say anything positive about Sony.

anast37d ago

...and Game Pass is the luxury option? Taste can't be measured, I suppose.

sactownlawyer91637d ago

I’m the opposite I got a ps5 and Xbox series x on day 1. Even with having gamepass I play my Xbox maybe 5% of gaming time and that’s being generous.

DarthMarvin37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Disagree with everything except about Jim. He is a pretty awful leader.

Chevalier36d ago

"PlayStation is giving away free games but their PR is absolute trash."

So you're saying you can't read?! All the free games have had separate articles on this site! Are you blind? Missing free games is on you. Lol. Just idiotic.

Buying a game console for PR?! Yeah now it makes sense you got an Xbox. Lol

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isarai38d ago

Bought a PS5, cause it has next gen games i cant get anywhere else. I buy consoles for games, so I went with the one with the games 🤷‍♂️...

Shiken37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The remake of a PS3 game, a tech demo, and Godfall?

I mean literally everything elae that has come out for PS5 is cross gen or multiplat, so not sure what you are talking about here. I mean Sony promised games in 2021, but so far most have been delayed.

Christopher37d ago

Demon's Souls remake, Destruction AllStars, Godfall, Astro isn't a remake (though, not worth really talking about, IMHO).

Einhander197137d ago

Yes blame the pandemic for that, that's why everything is delayed. Just like everything else in life. Its not Sonys fault!

Shiken37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


I never said Astro was a remake. It is more of a tech demo to me. Godfall was a flop. And Demon Souls is a remake of a PS3 game....not sure what you are trying to say.

I forgot about Destruction All Stars. But that one extra game with a 63 on metacritic isn't much to write home about.

My point stands. I just find it funny that people claim PS5 has so many games they can only play on PS5, when the only good game is a remake. And since those early days, nothing new has come.

The reason I say I will get a PS5 when Ragnarok comes out, is because I will play Horizon 2 on my PS4 Pro. Once again supporting the fact that I don't need a PS5 YET. I will say Ratchet looks good, but I can wait for it.

isarai37d ago

a remake that looks better than anything else i've played so far, with near instantaneous loading screens (if you can even call a 2sec transition a "loading screen". and a 7-11hr "tech demo" that's the best platformer i've played in over five years? oh and what exclusive did the competition have? exactly. you can talk crap about what launch games PS5 had, most launches are mediocre anyways, but what's that say about Xbox who literally launched with nothing exclusive or even 1st party.

Shiken37d ago

"Best platformer I played in years"

Ori from MS, and Nintendo in general say hi. If it is platformers you want, look outside of the Sony bubble.

isarai36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Who says I haven't? And also why are you talking like the launch titles are all im talking about? I'm talking about all of their exclusives. Ratchet & Clank, returnal, God of war, and yeah even though horizon fw will be cross gen, I still want the next gen version over the current gen version.

JustTheFax36d ago

@isarai and I will ask the same question that I asked before, and all I got were butthurt responses with "but but what about xbox?". What NEW next gen exclusives are you playing, now that you beat those launch titles that can be played through in a week at the most? What can't you get anywhere else? Godfall & Destruction Allstars? Exactly.

Astro demo was pretty good though, about the only game to really take advantage of the dualsense so far, at least that I have played. Sackboy did a pretty good job with the haptics too.

But I would say Super Mario Odyssey was the best platformer I have played in the past 5 years.

Chevalier36d ago

Returnal, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon and GoW all around the corner. So plenty of new exclusives incoming. What does Xbox have till Halo? Playstation and Nintendo just roll along and just keep releasing game after game. Consistency is a thing for them. Xbox not so much.

Shiken36d ago

God of War definitely will not be here before late 2022, think again. Horizon 2 is possible for holiday 2021, but you don't need a PS5 to play it. I will be playing it on PS4 Pro. Even so, it could be delayed into early 2022 as well.

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CaptainHenry91637d ago

I went with PS5 and PC because I can play 100% Microsoft exclusives on PC and can't play all of Sony exclusives on PC yet that's why I decided to invest in a PS5. But keep in mind if the day comes that Sony releases all their exclusives on PC day one the days of the consoles will be over for me.

RazzerRedux37d ago

100% the same. PS and PC grants me access to 100% of the games I'm interested in playing See no reason for that to change. But yeah, PS games on PC day one would mean one less gaming platform for me as well.

darthv7237d ago

If I was still a PC player I would be doing the same thing but I have always been a console kid at heart (ever since Pong in 77) so that is where my heart lies and why I will continue to get the consoles themselves. I totally respect people who play on PC because we all play games for our own reasons but the takeaway is that we enjoy what we play no matter how we play.