The Idiot's Guide to LittleBigPlanet Level Creation If you're anything like me, you anxiously awaited the release of Media Molecule's groundbreaking PS3 title, LittleBigPlanet. It offers gamers a plethora of head-scratching levels, some interesting social environments, along with customizable characters and spaces all displayed within a beautiful art concept. Among all of these traits, LittleBigPlanet stands tall (ha) beside the competition as arguably the best platform title available for purchase this year. But its best feature is perhaps viewed as a bit more like a bonus; and that is the option that enables users to create customizable levels. All this creative freedom can amount to a bit of a headache for those trying to design beloved levels among the online masses, so this guide will provide you with the necessary steps to cleanly and concisely construct the creation of their dreams. So grab your controller and engage your thinking cap; this is Level Creation 101.

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, it should be noted that you should go through the variety of the tutorials offered by LittleBigPlanet to acquaint yourself with the controls to designing your level. After all, the chances of you being a naturally gifted level designer from the start are slimmer than you being able to actually float down a green tube into a room full of coins. So let's organize these tips into a few categories that will have your level hearted in no time.

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Rule number 2

Play my levels*. I have less than 30 plays per level while utter nonsense has 1,000s of play because they're spammed.

*Such as The Trial of Steve Gallows and Sackboy Launcher ;)