Path of Exile 2 Will Likely Skip PS4 and Xbox One, Crossplay Being Looked Into

Path of Exile 2 looks very impressive in new 4K gameplay footage -- so good, it's unlikely the game is coming to Xbox One or PS4.

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Kaii29d ago

I absolutely loath the gearing/skill locking this game has, also dropping 90+ Items and having to loot filter 98% of it out.

Jackhass29d ago

It can get a bit overwhelming, but the core gameplay is good.

Lennoxb6329d ago

That's an RPG for ya. lol

Terry_B29d ago

Not even the first one runs well on consoles so far. And it looks like POE2 won't be a thing before summer 2022..more likely winter 2022.

soundoffreedom29d ago

I am a compulsive PoE player - this is my favorite game. Path of Exile wiped my tears after trying Diablo 3 - and all of Free to Play.
Even if PoE 2 won't be free and you will need to purchase this game, I would love to. I can not wait ! :-)

Michiel198929d ago

I would be shocked if they manage to make it p2p. I think the whole allure of PoE is people trying it out and getting hooked on its depth. If you put a barrier before people can try it, it will only impact it negatively at this point.

Jackhass28d ago

You do wonder if they'll do F2P again, considering all the effort they're putting into PoE2, but the model has worked well for them so far.

Highrevz28d ago

Free gothic armour set for PoE - Xbox one

I don’t play the game and it’s a shame to waste it