Devs Speak Out on DualSense: “Requires a Lot of Work, But Worthwhile”

Developers from multiple studios talk about the DualSense PS5 controller, with one stating, it "Requires a Lot of Work, But Worthwhile."

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Kaii34d ago

I approve of the features, don't approve that we're In 2020+ & controllers parts aren't easily replaceable, i.e. stick drift issue with the ps5.
*You can enjoy gaming until you've hit the 417hr mark with the controller o_O Weardown will be significant depending on the game, but still -_-

Jin_Sakai34d ago

The DualSense included with our PS5 has terrible stick drift and the camera constantly flies up. Now the left one is starting to have issues. Pretty much unusable at this point.

This is the first controller I’ve ever had with stick drift. That includes multiple Nintendo Switch consoles and Series X.

DarthMarvin34d ago

WTF did you do to it? Hook it up your PC and use it to play Mario Party 1 for 100 hours straight?

414gamer34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Huge Xbox fanboy here. But I will speak the truth,

Almost every Xbox one controller I own has experienced an issue. Whether it be the analog drifting. Or the trigger sticking. Mind you this is after countless hours gaming. Although I still expect more. And hope for more in the future from both Microsoft and Sony. Love them both. Have a ps4 slim as well and the controller after dies prettty quick. But the buttons work fine

Jin_Sakai34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

“WTF did you do to it? Hook it up your PC and use it to play Mario Party 1 for 100 hours straight?“

No It just started drifting out of no where and just keeps getting worse. As of now Minecraft is unplayable and Cold War is a chore to play. Some less sensitive games are still playable though.

“Almost every Xbox one controller I own has experienced an issue.”

I’ve had a PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and currently have a PS5, Series X, and two Nintendo Switch consoles.

The DualSense is the first controller I’ve ever had stick drift. Maybe I’ve just been lucky until now.

sourOG34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Same here. I’ve never experienced that before until ps5. I only notice on sensitive things like the menus on control. It’s hard to do menu things when the cursor is constantly scrolling down. I play planet coaster which is menu heavy and it’s a chore sometimes. I bought another controller because of it.

Rimeskeem34d ago

I have yet to experience stick drift on any of my controllers (DS4, DSense, Xbox, Nintendo) in my 20 years of gaming.

Babadook734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It’s too bad. I feel sorry for you. Get it refunded by Sony. I can assure the problem is not common.

ScootaKuH34d ago

Send it back to Sony, they will repair it replace it.

A friend of mine had to do that recently because his DualSense had drift as well. Took about 3 weeks but been OK since he got it back.

Mine has been fine, apart from the white has discoloured badly so it already looks about 10 years old even though it's only 5 months old.

TheSaint34d ago

Try blowing in the sticks, really blow at it though. Sometimes dirt gets in and messes with the aticks, works for me, but I have to do it fairly often.

waderae34d ago

how can people be getting stick drift with DSense and not the DS4 ? they are the same stick parts are they not ?

RexRuthless34d ago

I got drift on my launch controller for no reason (never dropped or spilled anything on it) and I ended spending over $90 at BestBuy and a 5 year insurance plan just in case. Gonna send the defective one to Sony so I have an extra controller but rest assured, just cause it doesn’t happen to someone doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist.

34d ago
seanpitt2334d ago

That’s why I buy 2 just in case.. but my first one seems like brand new so not even opened the 2nd controller

darthv7234d ago

As a connoisseur of controllers, I may not use all of them but I do like to put them through their paces when I get them and i have to say only one of my DS3's has bad drift (I got it 2nd hand) and none of my 360/XB1/DS2/DS4 have it.

As for the ones I do use all the time, I still have not had any issues (knocks on wood) but if I suddenly did... I know i have plenty of spares to choose from. I hope to add the DS5 to my stable soon enough.

NewsForSnowflakes33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I had 2 launch day PS5 controllers and they're both terrible. They're less than 6 months old and my second one was only opened in February.

My first controller randomly started completely freezing up after about 15mins of gameplay and has to constantly be reset by sticking a paperclip in the small hole on the back of it. It pretty much ruled me out of playing online games. I gave up with it eventually and unboxed my spare controller just 2 months ago. The right stick has already starting drifting upwards and it's barely been used.

I posted video proof to AskPS_UK on Twitter and I'm currently in the process of sending them back to Sony for replacement or repair. I'll be without a PS5 controller for a week to two unless I decide to send back one at a time.

It's pretty disappointing because I actually really like the controllers. They feel great and I love the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

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andy8534d ago

I'm on around 2000 hours use so far. Haven't had any issue

Michiel198934d ago

ill send you some suncream for when you decide to leave your cave.

andy8533d ago

Isn't that much to do when you've been locked down most of the last 13 months my man

Michiel198933d ago

but ps5 only released 4-5 months ago, not 13 ;)
anyway i dont blame you either way, im playing a lot as well.

StoneyYoshi34d ago

Every controller available for each console uses the same components for the Joystick. But the focus is only on the Dual Sense while the issue is happening to every console manufacturer.

waverider34d ago

Its great a gamepad and not some last gen stuff... Much better battery, better trigers and just need more colours or custom to get the second one. Sony should be happy they are selling tons of them

Nitrowolf234d ago

speaking of custom colors, I bought some vinyl skins for it the other week. I really don't recommend them for people with not so steady hands, the application wasn't fun at all, just stuck to applying the color to the pad lol.

Muzikguy34d ago

I love the DualSense controller. Best pad I feel that's ever been. Everything down to the lighting just seems so well thought out

DarthMarvin34d ago

I'll get one once they add back buttons.

T2X34d ago

Don't hold your breath.

neutralgamer199234d ago

I recently got Xbox x not series x with two elite series 2 controllers in my opinion controllers should come with that kind of customization

DS5 stick issues are legit and sony should have done a better job(coming from a playstation gamer) under jim ryan this just doesn't feel like the same sony

arkard34d ago

You are comparing a 160$ controller to a 60$ controller.

neutralgamer199234d ago

Is DS5 $60 I thought it was $70. also when regular xbox one controllers seems to have better quality. Disagree all y'all want I have been a playstation gamer since day one. DS5 is the first controller to have issues this quickly and that's why sony is getting sued. I think later versions of DS5 will be much better quality

Also wouldn't mind paying $179 for a elite level controller. For those who have used them know what I am talking about and those who haven't don't know what they are missing

arkard34d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo are being sued to for drift. Not just a Sony problem

Nitrowolf234d ago (Edited 34d ago )

“ that's why sony is getting sued.”
You know Microsoft being sued for drift issues too right? And with the claims of it happening with Elite controllers among others.

Drift issues ALWAYS show up when a console releases, Xbox one had them, PS4 had, switch, ps5, and series but that’s cause they’re basically the same controllers

purple10134d ago

also xbox elite controller had a class action lawsuit, so many of them failed

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Aussiesummer34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's a gimmick and doesn't add to my experience at all frankly, I reckon it's implementation in the new vr controllers would be more immersive though.

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