The economics of games console ownership As reported by's intrepid journalist Kenneth England, Black Friday revealed some surprising results in console sales; namely, despite consumer spending being at its lowest in decades, console sales continued to boom. Microsoft's claimed advantage of 3 to 1 on sales over the PS3 shows a surprising surge forward in the Xbox's previously humble lead. But why the sudden favoritism for Microsoft's lesser-powered, lesser specc'd console? The obvious answer is of course the price.

So, since economics is everyone's favorite subject right now, let's have a basic look at the economics of console ownership. Off the bat, we all know that the PS3 sports more serious hardware than the 360. The processing and graphics capabilities of Sony's monolithic, obsidian hulk have long been the PS3 owner's proudest boast, and the inclusion of Blu-Ray is certainly a sweet piece of future-proofing, but this is reflected in the higher price. However, as an Xbox 360 Elite owner myself, I have come to realize that the Xbox is not the clear-cut economical winner that it claims to be after all.

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himdeel3695d ago up on the front end or you pay on the back end. The overall quality of your purchase is totally dependent on the whims of the consumer. It's all subjective...