GameZone: Rocket Riot Preview

GameZone writes: "Xbox LIVE Arcade has long been a way for Xbox 360 gamers to find titles that they wouldn't normally have a chance to play otherwise. The platform offers a great means of playing quirky and innovative titles, as well as those that add some great new elements to classic gameplay mechanics. Rocket Riot, a quirky shooter from publisher THQ and Dutch developer Codeglue, fits into that category. The game is a take on the tried and true shooter formula, offering charming characters and nostalgia-inducing 8-bit pixilated worlds set on a 2D plane. The game has a lot of personality, and the fast and furious gameplay will appeal to any number of action fans.

Essentially a 2D shooter like Robotron 2084, Rocket Riot has you controlling your flying avatar across the playing field with the left thumbstick, and aiming and launching rockets using the right thumbstick. Your attacks will not only destroy your on-screen enemies, but can also destroy entire chunks of the environment, which is composed of tiny blocks that will gradually regenerate as you play through. You'll also be able to zoom out the map a bit so you'll have a better look at the level, as well as use special power-ups that you'll be able to pick up, but ultimately the gameplay is pretty easy to grasp."

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