Are consumer electronics built to break?

With Xbox 360 owners terrified that buying a console will mean a red ring at any moment, you have to ask yourself - Are these product built to break within a certain time so you have to replace them? Why do electronics have a short warranty? surely if these products were supposed to last, the warranty would be longer. GadgetZone takes a look at the issue.

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InMyOpinion3699d ago

I'd say it's reasonable to assume that electronics such as TVs, consoles and computers are built to last at least ten years.

One funny thing to think about is how many of you intent to keep your current TV, cell phone or computer for more than ten years? 5 years? =) Nowadays electronics do not have the same lifeline as before. We buy new cell phones every 6 months and upgrade our computers regularly.

To me it sounds absurd (and flamebaitish) to build conspiracy theories around the subject. Manufacturers f'ck up every now and then. Microsoft did it with the 360, Sony with the Vaio computers etc.

I still think the warranty for manufacturing faults should be indefinate. If you get RROD it's Microsofts fault, not the consumers.

Aclay3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

"Microsoft did it with the 360, Sony with the Vaio computers"

Ummm... No Sony didn't do it with the Vaio computers because it just applied to the TZ series of Sony Vaio computer models that was susceptible to an overheating battery and it only affected a limited number of units. The Xbox 360 hardware issues and TZ series Sony Vaio notebook battery issues can hardly be compared.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony recalled those Vaio notebook computers.... I guess Microsoft recalled the 360 "somewhat" by having a 3 year warranty, but according to many insiders in the industry, Microsoft supposedly released the Xbox 360 when they already knew of it's faults and that's just unacceptable.

Also, this article has been approved on N4G before one time already a little while back like a month ago or something.

InMyOpinion3699d ago

Report it as a duplicate then.

artsaber3698d ago

I have read the comments. I agree that there are other electronics of poor design or quality. But how many cost $400 and have a life expectancy less than a toaster? I honestly expect Microsoft to be sued regardless of the 3 year warranty. Because when it wears out, the RROD is STILL the fault of the manufacturer and prior knowledge has been proven prior to release. It will be easy for top notch lawyers who want a big paycheck to get rich off the idea of a class action lawsuit on the 360. They are waiting for the 3 years to burn out (which will be soon). There are also disc read errors, etc. that make the console an expensive brick. I wonder how much microsoft cooks the books to make it appear as if they stay in the black with the 360. When I think of all the noah's arks of people they have to fill in order for customer support, repair and replacement... I cannot see how they make money. I am sure that is classified as a separate financial entity somehow. Think about how few people at Nintendo and Sony have to hire and maintain for Wii and PS3 service and repair versus Microsoft. I GUARANTEE you that Microsoft employs more repair and customer service people than both of those combined. And that is pathetic.

Gun_Senshi3699d ago

Everyone knows products have a self live even an eletric kettle.

AngelusRen3699d ago

Its not just restricted to the xbox though. How many times have you bought something and its last a year.. If manufacturers intended their products to last 10 years, why don't they have a 10 year warranty?

Heldrasil3699d ago

When I talked to a supervisor at MS about my 360 being repaired out warranty, I jokingly made a comment about how my 5 year old Gamecube was in great shape, he replied "Well of course, those things are built like tanks"...he was silent when I replied "Well shouldn't you guys have the same quality".

artsaber3698d ago

If the 360 was built like the Zune, I would be a cheering an for it. The Zune is an AWESOME piece of hardware and does not get the credit it deserves. Ironically(coming from a software company), the software associate with it blows donkey balls. It is a terrible fact that I paid $79 for a brand new 30GB Zune and it has over TWICE the expected shelflife of the $400 360. And I am using $400 because that is the price most of us paid for them that are experiencing the RROD.

Citizen Cook3699d ago

The more complicated a piece of equipment, the sooner it breaks. Things will only get worse. If technology didn't move, then they could perfect designs. But then they'd lose money because no one would be buying new stuff.

My advice. Become hermits and live in caves.