The Untold Truth Of Hollow Knight

Not everybody knows the background behind this beloved 2D platformer. This is the untold truth of Hollow Knight.

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Terry_B32d ago

Interesting read, thanks for bringing this up

Loadedklip30d ago

One of the best indies ... no ... best GAME PERIOD of the last decade.

Master of Unlocking30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I got to try it thanks to PS+ and, I can't say it left me impressed. I liked Bloodstained Ritual of the Night much more, in terms of Metroidvania game. Not to mention Castlevania Symphony of the Night, ofc. Hollow Knight, with its monochromatic, somber and ethereal atmosphere, its comparatively more secluded world, devoid of life and with very few things to see and do and purchase, I don't know... It just didn't click with me. Maybe I should give it a second chance later on at some point, but with all the games to buy on the PS4...ugh