GameZone: The Last Remnant Review

GameZone writes: "Anytime I think of Square Enix, a multitude of memories run through my head. I think of all the fantastic Final Fantasy games I invested countless hours in. I think of the amazing storylines that mesmerized me in between those brilliant turn-based battles that aided my characters in leveling up. And finally, I think of the unbelievable graphics and artistic designs that propelled my eyes through each scene involuntarily.

Unfortunately, not every game that Square Enix creates is of Final Fantasy caliber. Not every game receives the same attention that the beloved fantasy series does during development. This simple fact is as evident as ever when analyzing The Last Remnant, Square Enix's most recent addition to the RPG genre. While there are many flaws throughout The Last Remnant, these issues only exist because of a lack of polish by the developers."

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