Hula Wii Looks Bad… We're Talking Saw V Bad

About the only good news I have about this title that it has no US release date as of yet. But beware, it's coming… when you least expect it.

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LokMessier3701d ago

*Drums fingers on the desk patiently awaiting for these said titles*

Wii Sit.
Wii Watch.
Wii Walk.
Wii Stand.
Wii Sleep.
Wii Wake up.

Etc, etc.

Seriously I like the Wii and all but come on >_<, most of these games could have at least been tacked on in Wii fitness for fun. I know I know it may not be considered fitness, but still every game has something that does not follow the 'title' [wrong choice of words but so tired ;_;] Would have expected someone like Ubisoft to have made this >_>.

somedude58923701d ago

Come on Nintendo!

You guys have always been great with coming up with great new things and ideas.

Is Miyamoto secretly dead?!

I mean come on! Wii hula!

What's next Wii stare!

Nintendo I love you guys and I love the Wii but come on stop trying to come up with cheep gimmicks to win over people who don't play games.