GameZone: Killzone 2 Preview

GameZone writes: "SCEA and Guerrilla have a nice new year's treat in store for first-person shooter gamers who also happen to own the PlayStation 3 console system. One of the more anticipated titles of 2009 is merely months from release and Killzone 2 (slated to hit store shelves in February) is easily a strong visceral treat that will keep gamers on their toes.

SCEA sent along a preview of the game, and right from the opening level, it is apparent this is a full-throttle shooter that will leave gamers little time to relax. Now don't expect this game to release on any other platform but the PS3. Why? Because it will be coming out on a Blu-Ray disc, which is the only storage device capable of holding this massive game. And massive even seems like a bit of an understatement."

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Optimus_Prime3698d ago

This game is going to be the biggest flop (critically and commercially speaking) in Sony's history. Can't wait to see the 6/10 reviews!

GWAVE3698d ago

How do you still have bubbles? Here, let me help you with that.

bviperz3698d ago

Do you purposely troll PS3 articles to add negative comments Optimus?