Streets of Rage 4 Receiving Three New Playable Characters, Game Modes, Customization & More

New Fighters and Features are Heading to the Iconic Beat ‘em Up Series’ Smash Hit .

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VTKC8d ago

The middle character is definitely Max. The third i am hoping it's a close up shot of Shiva.

JayRyu8d ago

Yes, I'm glad that they added Estel. They have to add Shiva. I love using the SOR2 version. The I really like characters designs for the game.

ZeekQuattro8d ago

The 3rd character is definitely SOR4 Shiva. He does have a lot of hair and that shadow seema to have ample amounts of it. Lol

Tetsujin7d ago

I want my Roo :(

I'd kill to have Mona and Lisa from 3 as playable characters