Super Mario Bros. Speedrunner Breaks 4.55 Barrier

Super Mario Bros speedrunner Miniland managed to break the game's world record of 4:55, a ridiculously precise record thought to be possibly unbreakable.

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Iceman100x31d ago

This should say the worlds most useless person with no life has a new crown.

franwex31d ago

If an athlete broke a record everyone would be praising. The years of dedication and concentration would be validated.

But if a video gamer broke an insane record they are a useless with no life? Even though he has a stream Chanel with a ton of followers and practices everyday for this feat.

This is a video game site too, yet the stigma remains even here.

31d ago
franwex31d ago

That’s not true. A lot of those speed runners stream and have thousands of followers-along jobs and careers.

They simply stream a few hours a day. Sometimes a week. Zero reward? A lot of them get paid for their content. So they get recognition and money.

A lot of us here game regularly-but also have careers and families.

I’m not sure if you’re trolling and I’m falling for it, or if you’re serious.

It’s strange to come to a gaming website and encounter people with this mindset. Aren’t you a gamer yourself? Don’t you have a life outside of gaming? It could be an expensive hobby-so my assumption is that most gamers have some type of income.

Kavorklestein31d ago

What a shallow and stupid point of view.