Games that Could Only Have Been Conceived on Sega Dreamcast

Despite its short run, Sega Dreamcast remains an icon of console gaming. Here are some of the most unique titles from its broad and eclectic library.

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darthv728d ago

It's nice to see the DC is still kicking with new original releases and ports from atomiswave arcade system. It is living up to that soul calibur quote "The legend will never die"

PrimeVinister8d ago

It makes you think 'What if'.

It's probably Sega's best console yet it was their worst selling (I think)

PrimeVinister8d ago

And I am old and from Europe so you know I had and loved a Master System as a child.

Vits8d ago

I would say that the Mega Drive was still the best Sega's console because of it's amazing library that contrary to the DC didn't really lack any genre. But the Dreamcast was a amazing piece of hardware, the jump between the N64/PS1 to the DC was something else and the VMUs are still my favorite acessory.

About sales. It was the worse selling console unless you count things like the x32, Sega CD and the educational consoles. But it was pretty close to the Saturn.

jwillj2k48d ago

Ill wait forever for super GT scud race to hit consoles!

turd_ferguson748d ago

Ill wait forever too for super gt! Damn game will be stuck in development Hell forever...

Jericho13378d ago

Pretty sure Omikron was conceived on PC (the opening dialogue refers to the Dreamcast as a ‘computer’).

But yes, the Dreamcast is and will always be my favourite console. Shenmue, Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure were the big 3 for me.

purple1017d ago

chu chu rocket mate, first online game on a console>?

hehe, soul calibur dreamcast best game of all time,

sonic adventure, a classic

rival schools, powerstone, sega rally, i cry even thinking of how it it went away ,

not to mention the controller was wierd, but the most innovative compared to others,

Einhander19718d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Said it before, and I'll say it again, sometimes we just got it wrong!! This console was/still is amazing. Most just got sucked in by the hype of ps2. Yes the ps2 was the better system, but certainly not a lot better. The Dreamcast deserved to coexist next to it like Xbox, Sony, Nintendo do today. The soul still burns.

PrimeVinister8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It still amazes me that people in Japan were playing games of that visual quality on consoles in 1998. Fair enough, it was right at the end of the year but still.

GhostTurtle7d ago

Loved DC, but stopped reading at "The short-lived console boasted more graphical power than the PlayStation 2 and stood on almost level ground with the GameCube and the Xbox Zero"

Absolute bull shit article right from the rip.