GamePro: First Look: The Hunter

GamePro writes: "An incredibly unique title through and through, The Hunter boasts a myriad of thoroughly innovative features that I've yet to see offered in either the current wave of first person shooters or the wide assortment of MMO properties that currently line the market.

While my only hunting experience including bouts of laser tag or perhaps dodging high-speed Nerf darts as they fly through the GamePro offices, I didn't quite know what to expect when I went into Avalanche Interactive's The Hunter. Sure, we've all seen the stacks of budget hunting games lined up on your way out of Target, Wal-Mart or Best Buy, but something about blowing away polygonal buck never really intrigued me - much less made me want to dish out $9.99 for the virtual experience. However, an hour after the good people from Emote Studios came down to show off their latest title, The Hunter -- a massively multiplayer online hunting experience -- I was just about ready to throw on my Catcher in the Rye gear and declare it open season with this unique MMO experience."

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