GameSpy: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Preview

GameSpy writes: "You'd be forgiven if you mistook GRIN's adaptation of comic book/Hollywood hit "Wanted" for Dark Sector. It's a good-looking game that's filled with a fair share of hard-hitting, flinch-worthy violence. It's got specialized one-hit, one-kill projectiles that have a stylized "killcam" to accompany the attacks. It's got attitude in spades. And that's coming from someone who hasn't seen the film. In conjunction with the movie's home video release, we got a chance to try out three brief levels from Wanted: Weapons of Fate at an event yesterday. We doubt it'll be a perfect game, but the snippets we played seem to form a fairly mindless, if not spectacular, shooter. Not too different, we imagine, from its Hollywood source material."

+Looks like a pretty mindless shooter with cool combat effects

-For a mindless shooter, it's pretty unforgiving
-Cover needs some work

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