Top Five Games You Love to Hate

VGM: "You're obviously a gamer, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't be checking this article out. It's my place to assume, then, that there are some titles that you just can't stand to read, see, or hear about because they just seem so, well, stupid. You can't figure out why anyone would want to waste their time on such an insipid game. You're not alone. Gamers love to hate on successful games. Maybe it's because it's the cool thing to down something everyone else seems to enjoy. Or maybe you just don't see the attraction. Whatever your reasons, here are the top five games that people love to hate."

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Gun_Senshi3700d ago

sorry its a bad mmo downgraded version of mmo for new gamers and kids copying from Ultima Online and Everquest.

WANNA GET HIGH3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

LOL...Funny how so much people hate halo3.I got a ps3 but i think halo3 is one of the best FPS ever made.And i love gears1/2.

Gun_Senshi3700d ago

Actually the most expierenced and real FPS Gamers that are on PC Hate Halo and Gears.

mintaro3700d ago

And were was this study conducted? Would you happen to have any evidence to support your claim?

Mahr3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I don't know what a "real FPS Gamer" is, but it is pretty well-accepted that most PC gamers are not big fans of console shooters. In large part, this is due to the fact that consoles have generally inferior graphics, and gamepads are a less precise aiming mechanism than a mouse.

Of course, to a degree, that ignores the larger truth, which is that most PC gamers don't like console games in general.