The Conduit: Back to Basics

High Voltage Studios has been very vocal lately in decrying what it sees as the technical under-achievements of other developers' work on Wii. The Conduit is therefore the studio's line in the sand, an intended new benchmark for Wii's graphical capabilities.

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Product3695d ago

the graphics are good for a wii game but im looking for the controls to really shine and what im waiting for the most.........and using those controls online.

Smacktard3695d ago

Pretty good read. I'm looking forward to a good FPS with the wiimote.

Optimus_Prime3695d ago

I can guarantee that this game will have a better metascore than Killzone 2. It's going to be an epic meltdown for Sonytards.

TheColbertinator3695d ago

@Optimus Prime

A little off-topic? Did the Sony fanboys scare you out of the Killzone 2 articles?

On topic:Excellent.I hope to see the online videos within the next few months.Hopefully the game will be in beta

jorgeanaya0003695d ago

I've been hearing in other articles the same thing: level design is not very good. I wish that they were a little more specific; does it make the game confusing or is it too linear? I don't like the fact that (-) is for reloading, but then you can you just remap the buttons. I like shaking the remote like in RE4.

When is some footage coming in? Preferably multiplayer.

Product3695d ago

with you.......level design is not MP3 but all the pics we have seen are so you said we need more gameplay videos of production as it is now,not 3 months ago.

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