Super Mario 35, All-Stars Discontinuation is Nintendo Logic at its Worst

Nintendo makes great games, some of the best in fact. However, one shouldn't think that Nintendo is their friend just because the company makes excellent games. Nintendo is just like every other large game company out there, and their logic is based firmly upon what's best for Nintendo, not their customers.

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locomorales38d ago

Why? Nintendo is a capitalist company, its only objective is to make money. If they please their costumers it is just a desireble side effect.

FOMO is powerful tool and Nintendo knows it works with fragile collectors mind.

The flaw is in the people that thinks they are the focal point. You can scream, write articles and do anything, while the gamer mob is buying 10+ million of emulated games for $60 within 6 months no capitalist is going to stop doing that.

XbladeTeddy37d ago

"FOMO is powerful tool". Yes, only to the weak-minded fool

locomorales37d ago

I can agree with you. But more than 10 million people is a lot.

Neonridr37d ago

yes but if the game was still for sale, more and more new Switch owners would buy it. It's not like they are pulling Mario Kart 8 off shelves, because people continue to buy it. So if their objective was to make money, they would keep selling everything.

CrimsonWing6937d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Um, I don’t think you understand the synergy between a company that provides a product to the consumer and the consumers that keep the company alive.

Pleasing their customers is what keeps Nintendo afloat.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with consumers being vocal about a particular practice a company is doing in order to let them know it isn’t something they want continued.

Loot boxes make billions, yet I don’t shrug my shoulders and say, “c’est la vie!” Some games are gutted and developed cookie-cutter-like to cater to making the game suck as much money out of a consumer as humanly possible.

I don’t want future games to be like that and you actually have foreign governments banning loot boxes and making the change.

My point in all this is regardless of how well something sells that doesn’t mean it’s right. I don’t like this FOMO approach Nintendo is taking and it sets a scary precedent for other companies to follow. I can’t buy every game Day 1or 3 months later. I actually wait for Black Friday to get a bunch of games, but Mario 3D All-Stars didn’t make it that far.

So, yes, companies are there to make money, but it’s us consumers that keep that company alive. Since we’re the ones that keep it alive I think it’s fair to voice opinions on what we like from them and what we don’t. And I ain’t liking this FOMO release approach they’re doing.

zacfoldor37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The customer got 3 games for 60 dollars, 20 dollars a piece. I didn't have FOMO, I just wanted the games and I bought them before the expiration date of the product because I knew about it when it was on sale and it was easy to buy on Amazon. There is nothing wrong with doing that, because I like the games. It isn't a scam to pay 20 dollars a piece for old games, and they are perfectly excellent games afterall.

Discontinuing the product is a different matter entirely, but just because I bought it doesn't make me some sort of idiot or something. I like the games and 20 dollars a piece is a fair price, imo.

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Darkegg37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Nintendo makes the best games period. But yes they make a lot of anticonsumer decisions. Because Nintendo is run by the 80s mentality where games were equivalent to $90 (inflation index). Adoption of newer technology has been their biggest challenge. The biggest malpractice as far as I'm concerned is tying games to hardware rather than cloud. So consumers being forced to rebuy titles is most egregious. Right next to treating consumers as piracy criminals who want to transfer to another system consoles. I understand the need to keep some form of control but Nintendo could use an attitude adjustment as far as being consumer friendly. But they are the best 1st party designers to date with highest output per employee.

ManMarmalade37d ago

I think you missed the mark a bit. I was agreeing with you till a certain point lol

Smok9137d ago

Oh we hate capitalism today eh? Lmao

ManMarmalade37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

We hate that nintendo releases sub-par remasters, charge full price, and then discontinue the product which causes the value of the game to rise over time. Nintendo only cares about themselves in the end. Removing the virtual console and having terrible online services are the other big issues, with online service being an ongoing issue for several years.

Smok9137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Why change when the demand remains where it is? I guess I don’t complain much about products I don’t like. I just don’t buy things I don’t like.

CrimsonWing6937d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I think we hate corporate greed...

I don’t think a single person in here is against giving Nintendo money, just sayin’. It’s just, we’d like to actually be able to buy a product and not be forced to purchase it immediately for fear of missing out.

locomorales37d ago

I do because I know. Only those who have capital or who do not understand what it is like capitalism.

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HeliosHex37d ago

Only Nintendo knows why Nintendo does what Nintendo intended.

MetroidFREAK2137d ago

I love Nintendo... but man they have some dumbass business practices

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