Resident Evil Village Second Demo Uploaded to PSN, Remote Play Controls Revealed

Looks like the Resident Evil Gameplay demo is nearing release as files for it have been uploaded to the backend of PSN, along with a image of the control scheme for remote play.

Timzster5d ago

Seconding this. The RE2 Remake and RE3 Remake demos were pretty good. Expecting the second demo for RE Village to be along those lines.

Neonridr5d ago

RE7 had a pretty good demo. Lots of people were trying to find any secrets associated with it.

5d ago
Wrex3695d ago

I third this, also hot pockets.

ScootaKuH5d ago

I fourth this, even though I don't care for this game

Muzikguy5d ago

Demos really need to become a thing again.

gamingtext20205d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Nothing yet here in the US.

Nitrowolf25d ago

it's a backend upload, so probably means it's going live really soon

CrimsonWing695d ago

It probably won’t be available until the 15th when the RE Showcase happens.

masterfox5d ago

Nice, cant wait to get off work to download it :D

Mr Logic5d ago

A. You can use the phone app to trigger downloads.
B. It's not available for download. It was merely UPLOADED to PSN.

TGGJustin5d ago

The RE:Verse beta is this week so my guess is that the April Resident Evil event will be next week and this demo will drop at the end of it.

excaliburps5d ago

Yep, same. This is/was supposed to be a surprise announcement like the Maiden demo was most likely.

philm874d ago

I thought I heard before it was dropping on 8th April, may have imagined it.

iplay1up25d ago

Hasn't shown up yet. It looks like the demo is going to drop on the PS first. I don't have PS5 yet, but still can't wait to play this.

After it comes to Xbox I can play it again on my Series X. It will be fun to compare the 2 versions.

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