Forza Motorsports 8 Will Feature a Beta Test Soon

Guillermo Ortega: Chirs Esaki revealed that players signed up for the internal Forza Feedback Panel will soon get to try Forza Motorsport 8.

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waverider5d ago

Lets see what they can do with the Series X, The last forza on the One X was really impressive.

dumahim5d ago

Graphically it was pretty nice. The rest though I thought was pretty standard for a FM game and didn't really feel all that different from previous games outside some minor improvements. I was pretty pissed that some of the achievements broke not that long after release, but they stopped support and ignored requests to fix it so my rewards score for this isn't maxed out.

5d ago
itsmebryan4d ago

How should it feel? Also are you playing with a controller or a wheel? I have a Thrustmaster setup with a stand, load cell pedals, TX servo base, 7sp shifter, and 280mm Ferrari GTS wheel and it feels about right to me.

AngelicIceDiamond5d ago

Internal beta test already. Big indication the game will release this year.

Aquafiniac5d ago

Not necessarily, I’m predicting early next year.

BenRC014d ago

Will hopefully give gt7 a kick up the ass to get things moving

jukins4d ago

Unfortunately nothing gets them moving.

Father__Merrin5d ago

FM7 is pretty good especially onex/sx version. Excellent visuals but campaign was pants also no real time trial mode

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