Pachter: Game Companies Incredibly Greedy, Morons & Idiotic to Charge $70 for Games

On a recent episode of the Pachter Factor, Michael Pachter laid out the real reason why the price of games is increasing and it's not because development costs have gone up.

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darthv725d ago

huh... completely forgot about this guy.

Jin_Sakai5d ago

I finally agree with Pachter. Never thought this day would come. Lol

thecodingart5d ago

Same, this is sort of a miracle..

TallDarknWavy5d ago

Pachter's predictions are usually wrong but he's still very pro-consumer.

Gaming4Life19815d ago

Same here Jin lol. I completely agree with him on this subject matter.

Wrex3695d ago

You and 80% of N4G I remember this guy getting LAUGHED at hard on here like 6-7 years ago. Jesus.. time flies..

northpaws5d ago

Don't forget whatever he says the opposite would become true, so $70 will become very reasonable in the future.

JackBNimble5d ago

This is what the left does to appease left wing activists... it's called pandering

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IamTylerDurden15d ago

Do ppl still listen to this guy? He was a joke a decade ago. Any article with Pachter as it's source is weak sauce. And yes, nobody wants price increases, but looking at the fact that an official increase hasn't occurred in decades, it at least makes sense on next gen exclusives considering inflation alone has dropped profit margins and legitimately great developers with well known IP are struggling to stay afloat.

I'm speaking for myself, in the USA. I know Canadians and even UK residents have been struggling with more abhorrent prices, but I can only comment on what I know, and what I see. $10 more, for me, on next gen exclusives is a drag, but certainly understandable if it helps projects become profitable and ppl keep their jobs.

Now, I understand the counter is, but the publishers are greedy and the money will merely line their pockets. Technology makes development cheaper if anything. No. Just no. Devs/pubs are dropping like flies. Independent developers are forced to sign bad deals or be acquired. The desperate need to break even amidst rising costs is the reason why we continue to see fans getting screwed over with EGS deals and arrangements like the one with Yakuza Like a Dragon that ultimately spit in the face of the fans that have truly supported the franchise over the past generation. Publishers need revenue more than ever, so they are more willing to sign deals that hurt their reputation or their own fan base.

Major AA or AAA games are indeed more expensive to make/market, particularly on next gen. Projects are riskier and riskier, hence why we see games taking less risks and injecting more egregious monetary practices. MTX in full priced titles are commonplace. Day one DLC, tacked on GaaS features or season passes, and the rise of the lootbox are all because of the fact that publishers need to squeeze more revenue from these releases. The prevalence of game services only adds to the MTX craze. It alters the business model into something more akin to a f2p.

In other words, the lack of the game industry's ability to increase base price to a minimum level of at least keeping pace with inflation has largely created these abhorrent financial practices that have poisoned gaming over the past half decade or more. If this minor (for me in America) next gen price increase can help to counterbalance some of these practices and make games releases more clean, I can live with it. Obviously some will abuse it by continuing to stuff their full priced next gen products with egregious MTX, but if some portion of publishers can use the increase as a means to not nickle n dime the consumer in other areas and if it can give quality ppl and quality products more security and more confidence in taking risks, again, I can live with it. We'll see.

5d ago
Bruh5d ago

Guy works at Wedbush and you don't lmfao so whose winning huh

Kurt Russell5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Games are more expensive to make and market yes. But the audience has increased significantly increasing profits.

Where I am prices have gone from £50-55 up to £69.99. That's way above inflation. People's wages however have declined during the same period on average.

If anything it will be least interesting. I know for me, this hike has decreased my likeliness to spend on a new game. It'll have to be near perfectly reviewed and empty of micro transactions for me to even consider it.

These companies are reporting record profits whilst letting their developers go (I'm looking at you Activision). Meanwhile the guys at the top are collecting massive $200 million bonus'. If you think Devs are profiting from this you'd be wrong.

1nsomniac4d ago

So wrong on so many levels. The facts are easy enough to find. Charging £70 for a game is obscene. Many of these devs make their entire costs of development back in a single day. Are you really trying to suggest that they’re hard done by and struggling??

DJStotty4d ago


You are completely missing the fact that game companies make millions and millions off of games these days through MT's, which they opted for as opposed to DLC.

So these companies charging $70 for a game, and then milking you on top of it through MT's, is exactly what it says on the tin, greed.

wwinterj4d ago

Sorry but no. What's created the gaming practices we all hate over the years is greed by the publishers. Publishers who STILL will do these things. Publishers who ARE NOT struggling for money. The only publishers that will charge $70/£70 are those already making so much money. The "struggling" publishers/devs won't charge $70/£70 because they are indie game makers to begin with. Patchter is right on this one. It really doesn't matter how you choose to justify this greed to yourself. It's still greed and not needed period.

TheLigX4d ago

Prices haven't increased in decades? Where have you been?

surferz4d ago

that's a load of crap.

making the customer pay more isn't a good way to garner support.

Darkegg4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Explain how the little guys work 100+ hours a week, their jobs get slashed, and the CEO makes over 200 million dollars. Charging more for games only helps the one guy make more money. It doesn't go to the developing team.

The problem is infrastructure.. and needs oversight to prevent the manager or corporates from abusing the employees. I'm not one for union but the capitalistic failures is most evident in the gaming industry where high moral fiber is practically shatted on.

cooperdnizzle4d ago

@Bruh. I dated a girl named Webb and she had a huge bush... does that count?

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Crazyglues5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Yeah $70 dollars is ridiculous, mainly because they are not making better games, they are making the same games and just charging more, these new titles have nothing going on that was not in the $60 buck game... it's just a cash grab, and that's a dam shame..

If the game had better physics's and more things going on, better destruction, longer story ( meaning the game lasted more then 6 hours to beat) had more enemies far better effects, then I would be all for it..

But to pay more for the same game, which is what these studios are doing, that's a hell no.... Complete Epic Fail..

RPGer5d ago

Exactly, Demon Souls is exactly the same game and charging $70. Is it Excellent? Yes. Fun? Yes. New? No.

I mean It Takes Two although it does offer best platform and co op experience with smoothness and creativity still only charging $40. Although it miles better than most Ubitsoft and EA themselves, it miles cheaper and nowhere near the indie quality or performance.

derek5d ago

@RPGer why don't developers ask you first how much you want to pay for their work.

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LucasRuinedChildhood5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

€80 is an even tougher pill to swallow.

None of Sony's launch games have had even a small discount on the PS Store since the launch almost 5 months ago.

I've completely avoided these €80 games but I think Ratchet & Clank is going to break me. Hopefully Miles Morales goes on sale because I intend to bounce back and forth between them (Insomniac sugar high) - it would offset the €80 price a bit I suppose.

I'd like to play Demon's Souls, but €80 is too much.

Kornholic5d ago

That's why going digital is a bad move. You can get a physical copy of Demon's Souls for way less than 80 dollars.

TheEnigma3135d ago

That’s the reason to get the physical edition.

Army_of_Darkness5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


Doesn't make a difference in price whether it be digital or physical. No need to lie bro.

The best option is to wait a few months for a good sale.

UltraNova5d ago

I came here to say the same thing. In EU they charge 80 euros for a single game, frankly it's ridiculous. How to they expect us to buy new games at that price? I for one won't be spending that amount of money on a single game.

I've also noticed that there were no deals on ps5 games (digital or physical) to date. Even used DS:R discs start from 65 all they way up to 80 in some cases (including shipping) and they are hard to find.

I was open on perhaps getting a few games digitally this time around but these ridiculous prices and lack of discounts have solidified my decision to sticking with physical/used market no matter how much time it takes for the prices to go down.

Things are getting prohibitevely expensive by the day for us gamers and with recent times where the games industry is moving closer to going full digital (no ownership/ resell option), is it looks like gaming will be taking a back sit afaic.

Kornholic5d ago


Are you kidding me? That's only one retailer, you do know that right, or are you so out of touch? Apparently you don't know how to use Google search.

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neutralgamer19925d ago

Exactly the games on current gym cost 60 and the same ports on next-gen consoles cause somebody makes zero sense. Just like Miro transactions publishers got away with it and now they're getting away with this. We as a gaming community are too busy arguing with each other and not standing in solidarity to make our voices heard

SenorFartCushion5d ago

Remember when Activision’s exec said “price increase or microtransactions.”

We got both lol

spicelicka4d ago

Not to mention they have far more ways of making money now, like from cutting content and selling it as DLC, and having microtransactions.

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Orchard5d ago

For once Pachter is actually right...

gaffyh5d ago

I do find that I won't purchase a £69.99 game at all...2 weeks after launch it drops in price anyway! Just makes you feel stupid when you buy early, it's like they think we are suckers who have no self control.

wwinterj4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I've learned my lesson with buying games day one. This price increase is just going to make me more picky. Even more so when many games come out with complete editions down the road anyway. It's always more "worth it" to wait with tech, even more games.

Smellsforfree4d ago

Or it will be a PS Plus/PS Now/Game Pass title before too long.

BandarHub5d ago

Believe it or not...Pachter actually predicted that Xbox would purchase Bethesda a years before they Xbox bought them.
There is a certain truth to what he says... it's just the way he says it.

Aquafiniac5d ago

To be fair there was lots of rumors about it back then. Bethesda and MS always had a great relationship. I always wondered why they didn’t back then.

Vanfernal5d ago

Even a broken clock is right twice a day... When you make so many predictions one is bound to be right every once in a while. Doesn't change the fact that he's wrong 99% of the time lol.

frostypants5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Was gonna post the "broken clock" analogy but I see someone already did. Pachter is the perfect example of it. His list of bad takes is enourmous.