Releasing Broken Games is Now Acceptable For Some Reason

Sell it now, fix it later

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NeoGamer232288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

I have literally went from almost always buying day one releases to almost never buying day one releases now.

Not only are games shipping broken, but they are also shipping content incomplete. If I wait a year, I get definitive/gold editions with all the content and the game is good to play. In the meantime, I just play whatever comes to GamePass, Games with Gold, PSN+, and PSNow. Why spend $70 on day one, when I can wait, and spend $10-30 a year later. I have tons of backlog so it doesn't matter to me whether a game is newly released or not.

I made the mistake of buying CoD Cold War and Cyberpunk 2077 this past holiday. I won't make it again anymore.

LordoftheCritics288d ago

Same. I'm just not excited about launch day anymore.

isarai288d ago

People keep buying them, they'll keep doing it. It's why I stay away from AAA games in general since that's where it's worst from my experience, unless it's from a 1st party studio.

TheProfessional288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

It's been acceptable. Somehow trash like no mans sky where the whole e3 presentation was a lie and they shipped the game with tons of missing features got a complete pass. People even paid for a billboard just to thank the developers for delivering what they promised to do at launch. What a joke.

Fallout 4 was also complete garbage that was filled with glitches poor graphics etc and yet no one complained. That whole franchise has been that way.

This isn't anything new; people should just be more fair about these kinds of criticisms instead of only targeting EA, Ubisoft and cyberpunk.

CrimsonIdol288d ago

No man's sky got a "complete pass"? No-one complained about fallout bugs and poor graphics? That's some patchy memory you got there

Dirty_Lemons285d ago

Not only did it not get a pass, but No Man's Sky has been continuously improved by Hello Games for several years now. Core concept aside, the current version of NMS is heads and shoulders above the vanilla game now, and they did it all for free.

TheGreatGazoo30288d ago

Games have always released buggy or broken. Especially massive open world games. The difference is they can be patched now.

TheEnigma313288d ago

It’s started with the ps3/360 era

TheGreatGazoo30288d ago

Are you saying buggy game releases didn't happen until? As someone that grew up playing Atari, Intellivision, and then Nintendo games, I'd have to strongly disagree with you.

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