Edge: Rare working on original XBLA game

According to a news article on CVG, the latest issue of the UK's Edge Magazine contains mention of Microsoft-owned developer, Rare, working on a new and original Xbox Live Arcade title. Holding the reins of the mostly mysterious steed is one Nick Burton, who was previously involved with Starfox Adventures and the more recent Kameo: Elements of Power

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4272d ago

is absolute genius, Rare at their finest. At first I had my doubts but now I'm hooked. % ) You should try it.

InMyOpinion4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

To some extent. At first it's genious, then it gets repetitive and annoying. Playing the mating games gets really annoying and the garden just feels too small and claustrophobic even though it gets a little bigger with time. I think Rare is going to hell. Their last shot at convincing me about their greatness will be if Banjo Threeie delivers or not.

marionz4272d ago

its true viva is a awesome game, i liked it better then gears of war! and nothing will put me off that game! its an all time classic! kameo was good but not great, dont worry bout XBLA games rare just focus on banjo!

Scrumptious4272d ago

Get going with Killer Instinct 3 dammit!

PS360WII4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

MS did spend big money on them so they are going to spread them as thin as possible till there is no more creativeness out of them then toss them to the curb. Good one MS good one ><

UrbanJabroni4272d ago

than fixing the damn bug in Viva Pinata where objects disappear all the time. :(