Electronic Arts patented a Dynamic Difficulty System

Electronic Arts filed a patent last year, and a week ago registered a patent for a Dynamic Difficult change system in games aimed at extending gaming.

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Sgt_Slaughter6d ago

"Pay $4.99 or else we'll make the game impossibly hard"

XiNatsuDragnel6d ago

Oof EA you want to be worst company of the year again!!

Highrevz6d ago

If it’s a single player game then make it optional, if it’s an online game then keep this crap well away from it.

SDuck6d ago

EA needs a good f'n boycott

DarXyde6d ago

I wish people were that principled, honestly.
People speak poorly of EA (and rightly so), but at the end of the day, I feel that most (or enough) gamers are simply unwilling to miss the annual FIFA or Madden releases. People aren't willing to skip out on BioWare's next big-budget disappointment or DICE's next Battlefield.

With the exception of Dead Space,I have not bought an EA or Activision game since the sixth generation. Yes, I did miss out on the recent remakes of Crash Bandicoot. An occasional flop from a good company is forgivable, but when your entire corporate culture is find ways to turn your customers upside down and shake the coins out of their pockets, I don't care if you make Dead Space 4 and it's a bloody masterpiece - you do anything like unfair patenting or nickel and diming, I'm not coughing up a hay-penny.

annoyedgamer6d ago

Good luck. I dont buy their trash but judging by most people on here they have no self control.

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