Avengers Update 1.30 Breaks The Game On PS4 and PS5

Marvel's Avengers was updated to version 1.30 on PS4, 1.008 on PS5. This update has now made the game unplayable on the PS4 and PS5.

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BlackDoomAx5d ago

They really don't want that people play their game.

curtain_swoosh5d ago

geez ok ok, i wont play it then, i promise

Thundercat775d ago

Someone is going to be fired at Square Enix for not testing it properly before sending the update.

Servbot414d ago

Someone at Sony should be fired for letting a bugged patch go through. I thought patches were suppose to be held to a higher standard on consoles but we can't even trust them anymore.

Thundercat774d ago

This happens in every platform and you probably never said let's fire someone from Xbox, Epic or Steam.

This is still first and foremost the responsibility of the developer as owner of the development, software and quality. Trying to deflect the responsibility from the developer as you are doing is not correct.

AnnaDea4d ago

When I played the Pc version in late November I was horrified how badly optimized the game was. Could barely get 60fps on 1080p with dlss on, and that was on a RTX 2060 Gaming OC. Hell, I could even run Cyberpunk 2077 in 1440p with Ray Tracing and almost got 60fps with some tweaking of the settings.

I'm not surprised that the game runs like shit on PS4, but PS5? Come on Square Enix. You published a really shitty game now. Which is kinda funny considering how extremely well coded their games usually are.

TheEspiownage4d ago

It normally runs fine on PS4 and PS5. Even the base PS4 runs surprisingly well.

AnnaDea4d ago

Base ps4 ran this at 30 fps dude.

ocelot074d ago

Sounds odd may need to look at your system for possible bottlenecks or driver issues. I can't remember when I exactly played the pc version but it was last year so November/December sounds about right.

I have a 2070 Super and at 1440p with dlss and was getting on average 90fps.

AnnaDea3d ago

With what settings. A 2080TI runs the game in 60fps with drops to 45fps at times.

"“On the other hand, our NVIDIA RTX2080Ti was able to run the game at 2560×1440 on Ultra settings with mostly 60 FPS,” DSOGaming noted. “We did notice some drops to 45 FPS when there were chaotic battles. Still, the game is more than enjoyable with those settings, and its AA solution is also great.”

ocelot073d ago

@AnnaDea I can't remember but it was not max settings but it was not to far off max.

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